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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

THANK YOU ALL for your positive thoughts for my pearly package! I am sure it will make its way to me now!

Jeg those ombres are stunning! Love love love them!!!


Traveling Pearl
Thanks everyone! Pattye, wow, 2.5 million is a milestone! SurfnSci, and just when I was getting ready to come visit you on Ban Island! I was hoping for a shelling/beach combing adventure.

Subtle ombré Tahitian and Tahitian keshi rope from Kojima again, with a strand I knotted with colorful Tahitians from CMW.
00E00BF8-48CA-49EF-99F6-26B551E2D704.jpeg 280A0C32-489C-4466-A7DE-2F86E9CE6C14.jpeg
What a beautiful combination Jeg! Love love the subtle and colorful together!!!

I have GREAT news to share!!!! Yes, yes, my package has arrived!!!! :arms::arms::arms:It’s incredible how fast the positive thoughts work!!!! Thank you everyone!!!! It has arrived to my Mom’s address so now it still has a few weeks to come to me but YAY!!!! It has been without the tracking details for the last two months and I was really losing hope...I did buy some consolation pearls in the meantime:eek::eek::eek: Hopping to the ban island now!!!!!


Active member
Yay! Eolian Pearls, that is such a relief. hehe, consolation pearls. Love it.

JEG, gorgeous combos as always.
Thank you all for sharing my pearl joy!!!! I will be thrilled when they finally finally get here, I bought the SoC necklace with the money my Grandmother gave me for something special...So I really really needed the package not to be lost:arms:

Oh the consolation pearls:eek: Have to be banned from CMW pearls’ website...my fingers just take over and click on buy now there...


Hooray, that's wonderful news, eolian pearls!!!! I can't wait to see your new SoC necklace pics if you're up for sharing when it arrives!!!!

Jeg, your colorful CMW T necklace is sooo gorgeous! Wow...And the Kojima rope is stunning.


New member
eolian pearls, lucky for me the pearls on cmw pearls are usually sold when I check. Haha, might be you. When I bought my rainbow bracelet I refreshed the site every minute, since I had seen it on Instagram before. Lucky for me it was my breakfast break then. The blue and the apple green bracelet fell into the basket all by itself that day.


New member
Eolian!!!!!! Yay .... the power of a bunch of pearl people sending wishes to the ether ;) Can't wait to see your new treasures :)
Thank you for your enthusiasm SurfnSci and Cathy! I will most definitely share my new lovelies once they finally finally arrive! Just a bit more patience...although I feel like buying a plane ticket and going to get my pearls myself ;-)


eolian pearls Haha, I don't blame you! It's so frustrating to wait and worry!!! I once had a package (ironically with a SoC piece!) sit in customs just down the road for nearly 2 months. I was honestly convinced it had fallen behind someone's desk and would never get to me; I definitely contemplated driving there to get it myself!

I am now obsessed with wire wrapping, and a huge thank you to everyone who has posted techniques/tips and pearly inspirations on the forum! Today I'm wearing mixed Vietnamese akoyas from a PP vault sale a few years ago.


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New member
SurfnSci, that wire wrap ombre is stunning! I had my mixed color akoyas restyled into a long mixed rope a few years ago; now I am sorely tempted to ombre it ... gorgeous :)
Oh SurfnSci your akoya ombre is absolutely amazing!!!! Such beautiful pearls and the subtle graduation is so so dreamy! And your wirewrapping skills are fantastic!!! A beautiful beautiful creation!


Oh my goodness, thank you so very much for your kind words, CathyKeshi, Charlotta, eolian pearls and BWeaves!!!! Your creations and stylings always inspire me :)

I am now back vacationing on Ban Island, kindly escorted by my loving husband so that I didn't fall off the boat or try to swim to a different island, so I'm thinking about giving some other older pearly pieces a wire wrap face-lift.


Traveling Pearl
Thank you, eolian, BWeaves, and SurfnSci! Eolian, so glad the worry about your packages is over! SurfnSci, your wire wrapped necklace is fantastic!

I seem to be criss-crossing the Sound a lot this summer. I just spent some time at my friend’s cabin on a private island across the Sound. All the owners have their own boats because it’s the only access. Rustic, but relaxing, with great views back to the city. Some smoke this week blocking the views of the mountains. Still no orca sightings with all my crossings. Saw a couple huge seals, but that was it.
B9D71A6C-8624-4190-B8DB-3448B7FC7FF3.jpeg A couple days in pearls-
Akoya keshi necklace from Kojima, with a SS pendant from PP. Keshi bracelet from Kamoka, and Tahitian keshi earrings from Maui Divers, Hawaii.
E317280E-197E-4872-9CFB-23E8F04AD2F2.jpeg 53D8E35A-3262-47A8-9D60-0BC3080F48E8.jpeg

High luster mixed golden SS rope from PP Ruckus, with a tin cup made with vintage Biwa pearls. The large SS keshi pendant is from Druzy.
8EB083B5-CEB8-46DA-9AF0-A411F1DF7448.jpeg 688410A9-93CA-4157-BDC2-CA9C9E9D850A.jpeg


New member
Lovely combinations jeg . That south sea rope is marvellous.
SurfnSci. I often find new favorites when I am forced to remake the pearls that I already have.on hand. Not always on Ban Island, but the swedish postal service makes you think that you are.


PG Forum Admin
OMG eolian pearls I think I do remember that issue with your pearl...and if it was not a pearl I sent you it happened with someone else :(
The joys of shipping!
Your tin cup is gorgeous...and it looks dazzling on you! :D