Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Actually, I think that teeny little ring inside Ms Luminous' ear is very sexy. Pattye, I could never go without earrings. I carry backups in my purse just in case! :)

awwwww, thank you. It's just a 14k gold endless hoop, but I do love it!
I was sick as a dog today, so no pearls. But tomorrow is another day!
gemgeek, awesome earrings! luminous, i love yours also! y'all are so right about earrings - here are the ones i'm wearing today,


and in action with bracelets and my firstest rope i ever made, just this evening (it was HOT today! 104 degrees out!):

pattye, that's the first rope i made, a few months ago. i think there's photos around somewhere...but here's one below. i meant that the photo was just last evening. :)


hmmm. all i seem to have are these rolled up photos. well, i have to take photos of the tourm and tahitian necklace too here in a little bit. i'll get a new shot of my glorious melange rope.

SOOOO pretty!!! i just love wrinkly pearls, they seem so light - like bits of magic suspended around your neck. or fairy dust motes.

also, i now really admire your photography skills, luminous! gorgeous photos to make the pearls look amazing!
I second Luminous' photography skills! She is a serious pearl lover. From my brief experience, ripples are not light. They are hefty. And beg for you to caress their wrinkly surfaces.
in stark contrast to souffle pearls they are quite heavy. That is something I just adore about them. You FEEL them on. But they are magic. My onions feel so magical to me when I wear them!
my hedgie necklace (drusy pearls) and pale golden ripple earrings:
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And I was wearing today... Well, actually I do not even know what I am wearing - are those freshwater or SSP? I ended buying them from the estate sale and the auctioneer did not know their origin in the first hand. I loved their baroque'ness and satiny luster. (in case anybody knows, I would love to hear your opinion on those!)

Anyhow the necklace is about 90 cm and the pearls are 11-16mm wide. I feel myself like a queen wearing those ;)

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And a close-up
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Dizzie, I'm GASPING over these! They're stunning!!!

Was feeling mixed metals today, I wore simple silver stud earrings, 16 inch satellite chain necklace, and these SS stacking bracelets, I like the way it all looked together:

Maiakitty, I love these!!! Are they elastic?
Thank you very much. I appreciate your kind words. I make sure to wear those pearls at least once a week to do them justice :)
Hello Pearl Friends: I am just perusing these last couple pages .... and what lovely pearls I see. Dizzie; love those bracelets (hope they don't cause a car crash, lord knows I am at risk driving with a pearl bracelet), Luminous; whoa baby, that necklace is truly luminous, very iridescent. And Juliebeth; how wonderful you look with all those pearls on! Wonderful, mixed necklace. Well done!
I miss this thread! I posted better pictures of these in the designer's corner, but here they are in action with lavender button studs. My phone takes awful selfies so if you can't tell, they're a mix of lavender and silver Kojima rosebuds with white keshi and labradorite.


This is part of my body everyday :D .... I feel like something is missing if I don't wear it ...
MelT -- That is a very cool bracelet! May I ask where you got it (or did you make it...)?