Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Motto: At least wear pearl earrings!

Motto: At least wear pearl earrings!

Celebration walk across the Tilikum Crossing Bridge over the Willamette River in Portland (with son Mark, the photo guy) Wearing Tahitian keshi stud earrings, a purchase from long ago! What was I celebrating? Well, 80th birthday and excellent health after 2 cancer related surgeries this year!

A million thanks to all my pearly friends here for your uplifting posts and sharing your gorgeous pearls! It's meant so very much!

2020 Tilikum Bridge walk with Mark (4).jpg

The Tahitian keshi earrings ~

IMG_2345 (2).jpg
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there is NO way you're 80, Pattye! Happy birthday, and hooray for good health!! You look lovely!
Hi Everyone,
Sorry I have not posted in a while. Been at home mostly in these Covid days. I have been lurking however have not posted in a whilst. It sure makes my day, and brings a smile to see all you lovely ladies posting your beautiful pearls. What a joy it is to see them!

Happy Birthday Pattye!! May you have a special day filled with laughter and joy.

Thought i would post a couple of pictures I took recently. I do not go out very often in the last couple of months, however when I do it is a joy to wear my pearls...... here are a couple of quick photos I took on those occassions. (please disregard the 'aged' lady neck! lol)

Cees Rikitea Multi T strand.
Cees Susan Rikitea  8-10m 2.jpg

Kojima Pearl strand with a Cees T pendant
Cees Susan Pearl chain with T pendant 1.jpg

PP 11mm baroque off round circled Tahitian strand
PP Sale Sep2020 Misty Copeland.jpg

Tahitian Biz GSS baroque strand that is almost metallic
Tahitian Biz Baroque Metallic GSS  9-12m Susan.jpg
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATTYE!!! I would never have guessed your age. Glad you got a clean bill of health, and those keshi are lovely! What is the squiggly behind the keshi? Is it part of the back side to keep the earring upright?

It is so nice to come here and drool over everyone's beautiful pearls! I've been wearing my old T keshi tin cup daily since I'm working from home and there's no dressing up required. Yep, that means PJs til noon! :D
Belated Happy Birthday, Pattye.! No new pearls to talk about but didn’t want to pass by without wishing you many more!

I’ve been busy knitting instead of pearling for the last month. Still self-isolating, but do get dressed and put on pearls for the exciting daily 2-minute trip to my mailbox. The fun never ends.
PATTYE!!!!! I wish I could say I sent you uplifting messages, sigh. I am so delighted to see your beautiful face, you are growing more lovely every day and I am thrilled to hear of your good health! Love and Hugs, dear friend, and Happy Birthday :)
Happy birthday Pattye. I would never have guessed that you just turned 80. I am so glad that you are healthy and happy. Those keshi earrings are beautiful. I am currently thinking out a peachy apricot design with some peach freshwater pearls and carved apricot trumpet shell beads using my new peach serafil tread that arrived recently. I am counting on you to provide me with your excellent tread, needles (I mangle a lot of them, Also darling cat tries to eat them) and french wire for at least 30 more years... I am also enyoing that thoughtful handwritten card, that are always included, as a bookmark. One day when I am no longer with the living, my children will find those cards forgotten in books everywhere...I do forget them in my books. I am also planning to make them a treasure hunt for my pearls...but I do plan to live for a long time yet.
AzFlyGirl, those pearls are beautiful. I especially love your rikiteas from Cees. I have one myself and I treasure it, no remake one that one.
Happy Belated Birthday Pattye!
A lovely way to celebrate the day.
And you look nowhere near 80 - are you sure it was the right decade???
PATTYE!!!!! I wish I could say I sent you uplifting messages, sigh. I am so delighted to see your beautiful face, you are growing more lovely every day and I am thrilled to hear of your good health! Love and Hugs, dear friend, and Happy Birthday :)

What Cathy said. You are beautiful. May you live a long, healthy and active life!
Pattye! Girl! Congratulations, and thank God you made it. Geez, you look amazing. I think you deserve the white go-go boots and award, but cool girl that you are, you’ve probably worn out a few pair of them already. Love you to bits!
Happy Birthday, Pattye! I'm so happy to have you as a pearl friend. Wishing you many more happy, and healthy, years to come.
Pattye! Happy, happy birthday, dear friend!! :D What a fantastic way to celebrate and look forward to many, many more to come. That’s a joyful photo to commemorate your day.

Beautiful pearls, AzFlyGirl! I love all of them!
Summer is on it's way and my great aunt's akoya mix is having an early dinner on the veranda this fine evening.
(ignore the ageing neck, doesn't keep up with the pearls...)

Out and about.jpg
Happy Huka, the colors in the akoya mix strand looks gorgeous with your white outfit. Very summery, here it's autumn...