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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Active member
Let's see, what I have I been wearing this week?

Beachy tin-cup, feather pendant, and Summer Rainbow / Winter Snowman earrings. All from Kojima.


Black and white Tahitian studs from Kamoka. Kojima baroque Tahitian necklace (shorter one) with a sapphire clasp in the back. TNT necklace from Ocean's Cove with Walter Who (carved pendant) hanging off the bottom (from Kojima).


All Kojima. Freshwater ripples, long ombre' keshi rope, and freshwater drop earrings. All pinks and purples.



Mikimoto white gold huggie earrings. Multicolored Tahitian necklace from PP (shorter one), and 2019 All Josh Harvest necklace from Kamoka Tahitians.


Dyed freshwater drops from Kojima. Blue Baroque akoyas from PP. 3 necklaces, but linked via orbit clasps into 2 ropes. Mixed tin-cup rope from Kojima. The dress is a pale indigo blue. I don't know why it shows as grey in the second photo, but everything is supposedly blue. I can't seem to get the blue to come forward.



Summer Rainbow and Winter Snowman earrings (Kojima). Greg Who (Kojima) hanging off a pistachio akoya necklace from PP. Ombre' tin-cup from Kojima. Sea of Cortez ring in rose gold from Douglas and PP.

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New member
Beautiful tahitians Jeg and stunning outfits as always.
Bweaves, so many pearls and so many gorgeous combinations. My favorite is that glorious rainbow ombre tincup.


Traveling Pearl
Thanks so much, LisaC, Katbran and Charlotta!!:eek:

BWeaves, lovely combinations, each and every one!


Traveling Pearl
I found these locally harvested gems at the Saturday Market this morning. Two are Washington jade and one is listwanite. I added Tahitians to the jade pieces and golden SS pearls to the listwanite. More earrings!:D



lisa c

Perpetual Pearl Student
Jeg, Another congratulations, harmonious and rrrrrich! Wonderful.

Bweaves......such pearls! Such pearls!

this thread is always heavenly.
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Traveling Pearl
Thank you Katbran, Marianne, Charlotta and Lisa! Ahaha, yes Katbran, I have too many earrings now and I don’t want to order another rack to hang them on. Plus, I only have two ears!:rolleyes: I had to write the name of the stones down because I am oblivious to any of that. I just go by what catches my eye.

Fiji pearls from Cees I randomly arranged. They always remind me of fall.



Active member
JEG: Love the new earrings. Listwanite is new to me. I've never heard of that mineral before. Love the Fijis!


So many beautiful pearls! Love the ombré, Bweaves, and the Fijian pearls, Jeg.
I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve mostly just been wearing earrings, and I cannot get a good photo of them. But a couple of springtime strands. First Tahitians and blue appatite


Traveling Pearl
Thanks BWeaves and Charlotta!

Pretty, SydK! The freshwater pearls really pop on the dark fabric.

lisa c

Perpetual Pearl Student
So SydK, you said golden lavenders. That means they’re color-shifters? And I love that ruffled neck.

jeg, that skirt! You have the coolest clothes.

I want to do youth again, rock the miniskirts and do go-go boots.
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