Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Thank you Pearl Dreams, warmtoned pearls don't always agree with my complexion. I am thrilled with these.
Some truly exciting news! :)

Now that the special project from the Akoya thread has finished, I've managed to finagle a way to keep the lovely strand "in the family," so to speak :)

So, here's Mom taking some world-grade Akoya pearls out for a spin:
So delighted to see your Mom in these lovely pearls, Andrew; she wears them so well!
Thank you Pearl Dreams, warmtoned pearls don't always agree with my complexion. I am thrilled with these.

I almost said “What are Wanton Pearls, and why don’t they agree with you?” but I see...oops.
Andrew M, that is one crazy strand of Akoya!

Enjoy your new strand, Charlotta! You certainly have added some beautiful new pieces this year.

Thanks, everyone! BWeaves, it’s old. It’s a lined sweater and if I am remembering correctly it’s from Sundance.
Andrew- your mother's Akoya strand is surreal- it is just that beautiful. So glad you were able to keep that special Akoya necklace in the family.

Charlotta- the beautiful goldens look great with your skin tone and they look so luxurious. They must feel amazing to wear.
This is one of my first stringing attempts. A 9mm FW rope from Kongs. The pearls were described as mirror luster, ivory. They color shift quite a bit. In different lighting they change from ivory pink, to gold, to silvery lilac.


Thank you Gemandpearllover and Katbran, they really do feel luxurious. I hope that I get some better photo light this weekend so that I can show you how gorgeous they really are.
Gemandpearllover, that’s a pretty rope. After my first stringings of vintage akoyas I did knot a 100+" rope of maybe 6-7 mm freshwaters. It was 100" before knotting. On silk, it took a while.
Gemandpearlover, that’s an ambitious first attempt! You must’ve perfected your technique by the end, and I like your choice of color shifting pearls.

Wearing a Tahitian strand from PP and an ombré strand from Kojima-

Jeg, that ombre strand is perfect. So pretty. What pearls do you think is in it?
Andrew M, what an awesome dreamy strand of Akoya pearls ....stunning they are.

Carlotta, the colour is gorgeous and drool worthy, the only thing is, I now have the song Mellow Yellow in my head :)

GemandPearlLover, love the rope as a wrap bracelet - well done you, on stringing the rope.

Jeg, love the two strands together, they really compliment each other.
Thank you Bernadette, it really is amazing and I am truly grateful for having such an amazing pearl year.
So I finally took some photos of the pearls I have worn this last week. The ones I took the accually day that I was wearing them turned out quite terrible, so I retook them today. That's why I am wearing the same warm but worn sweater that I only use indoors. Smallest cat have perforated it some. In the beginning of the week I wore my new big tahitian strand from Pearlescence with my white south sea huggies.
Then I wore my new deep golden south sea strand from Cees with my copper green tahitian earrings, also from Cees.
I had my blue tahitian strands and blue studs from Pearlescence one day but forgot to photograph them. They looked so blue whenever I caught a glimps of them during the day.
Then I wore my new big tahitian strand from Pearlescence and my rikitea strand from Cees, first nested and then as a rope,again with the white south sea huggies.
Today I wore my rainbow strand and new colorchanging edisons huggies from Pearlescence. The rainbow strand is freshly restrung since the knots looked a bit worn when I inspected it cloesly. I have worn that strand a lot since I got it.
Thanks Charlotta and Bernadette! Charlotta, it’s SS and Tahitian.
Those are really beautiful SS and Tahitian strands and earrings, Charlotta!