Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Thank you everyone for the compliments on my pink/blue Tahitian strand.

Gemandpearlover and Jeg, I love your Tahitian strands!

Your tahitian strand looks great on you Annie. What did you have in mind with the strand? It do looks great as it is.

At first I thought about doing something like BWeaves' TNT strand. I also thought about combining it with some grey akoya pearls. I think I will keep them as is for now. :)
Gorgeous pastel tahitians Jeg, very nice colors.
annie, you can always rearrange them later if you want. They would probably look lovely with some grey akoyas or some tourmalines, but they are really pretty as they are now as well.
Busy at work this weekend before the holiday this week.

Today I wore a necklace I purchased right after Pearls by the Bay, this year in July. It is a Kojima, CFW round strand 9-10mm.

Peachy color that has multi-color overtones, yet it looks like a gold metallic strand IRL. However I find it interesting how it photographed. Peachy pink, with green, gold and peach overtones. It is a chameleon as the color of the pearls change depending on the different light. I love the length, and the clasp is an orbit clasp. I plan on finding a nice pearl pendant that would compliment the necklace, to wear with the orbit clasp.

I must thank Sarah, for finding this lovely strand for me. I had seen one similar at PbtB, and decided after returning home I really wanted the strand. The original strand I had seen had already been purchased, so Sarah and Booz found this strand which was very similar. So happy with my necklace :D
Susan Selfie Kojima Olga CFW strand.jpg
A wonderful story, AzFlyGirl, and a lovely peachy strand on you. It was so nice meeting you at Pearls by the Bay. I'm glad you ended up with an amazing strand of pearls.

We are flying out East in a couple of days for our Thanksgiving with our daughter in Rhode Island. Thank you for your service to the travelling public.
BWeaves, I keep going back to your cashmere and silk blouse. What an awesome Mistress of your craft you are, I’m always awestruck by your fabric-art.

AzFlygirl, this strand is luminous on you!

all of these posts are day brighteners, jeg, Annie, Charlotta:D
Thank you Charlotta and Red. Appreciate your kindness.

Red, It was truly lovely meeting you at PbtB, I feel I met a kindred spirit since we are both MN girls, and Twins fans !! Wishing you a lovely holiday with your daughter, and a fun time in RI. Happy Trails on your travels.

Red it is my pleasure to help the traveling public. It can be a bit stressful these days flying, however I try to make it a good experience for my travelers ! Happy Thanksgiving :D
Thank you annie, Charlotta, AzFlyGirl, and LisaC!

AzFlyGirl, your double strands work so well with your work uniform. Perfect for your everyday. Your co-workers must love it, too!

Two golden SS harvest strands from PP Ruckus 2017. Wearing one doubled.

Ooooo, is this the one strand, or one of two strands matched across the strand? That strand gave me shivers it was so cool!
Looking fabulous, as you tend to, jeg!
Jumping in out of the blue to say, Jeg, those pearls pop and look beautiful, but your jacket is what caught my eye! It's like a fashion magazine photo. Love it!
Jeg, your harvest GSS look fabulous, and matching them with that incredibly beautiful jacket is brilliant!
Jeg, I second the compliments on your your GSS harvest strand with that jacket. I love the combo of tomato red and GSS pearls. So smart looking!
It's Grandparent's Day! I am an honorary Grandma to my Godson and get invited every year. I am wearing this re-worked strand of mostly pastel Tahitians to this special event. I rearranged the darker pearls on this necklace to give it more balance.

Jeg, the two golden south sea harveststrands are beautiful.
Gemandpearllover, I really like that reworked strand, it's beautiful.
Happy Grandparents Day, Gemandpearlover! You celebrated in style today!

Thanks so much, LisaC, amti, CathyKeshi, Gemandpearlover, ParrotLady and Charlotta! :eek:

Yes, LisaC, the harvest strands have the matching pearl pairs throughout. CathyKeshi has the original strand, and there were maybe a dozen or so at the 2017 Ruckus.

Hi, amti! It’s been a while!! Thanks so much- I was determined to wear the harvest strands because they don’t come out as often as they should, so I was rummaging through my closet for something to go with. (And that I haven’t photographed before)
Wearing two Andy Muller strands doubled up.

But I spend so much of my day in outerwear...

And then it gets covered up!
Beautiful strands Jeg. I love how the pearls are arranged and the pearls themselves are beautiful. That is a super cute jacket and scarf- looks cozy and stylish.