Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

The Andy Muller strands are so gorgeous, Jeg. It would be fun creating one, but it does require a lot of graduated akoyas in different colors. Your jacket is amazing.
Thank you, Newberry, Gemandpearlover, CathyKeshi, Charlotta and annie, for such nice compliments!!:eek:

Wishing all who celebrate a Happy Thanksgiving!
Doubling Tahitians-

Inner strand from Kamoka, outer strand and post earrings from Hawaii.

The Tahitians were popping in the early morning light.

Tahitian strand from Hawaii, with a tin cup necklace I made with Tahitians from an Intergem show.

JEG, love all your looks, as I always do. Tell us more about that knit coatigan, please.
You do combine your pearls and outfits perfectly Jeg, and your tahitians are gorgeous.
Wearing my new 11-12,3mm multicolor tahitian strand from Pearlescence today and yesterday with my new huggies from Pearlescence as well. The pearls on my huggies are some lovely white south sea pearls that I transformed to fit the huggies. I love this strand, it's as lustrous and colorful as my rikitea strand from Cees, but bigger.
There is one pearl in the strand that I particularly love, it's a gorgeous light silver green. It's not obvious in the photo but in real life it's a beautiful color. I am remaking my silver keshi pearlpair so that I can use them with my huggies. This is not the greatest photo, it's a bit dark ut the keshis have a beautiful light silver color. I bought the keshis from Druzydesign, they were part of a pair of earings that I broken...
AzFlyGirl, love those combos

Gemandpearllover, you did a fantastic job rearranging those pearls

Jeg -- looking fashionable as always! Great outfits and pearls

Charlotta, always nice colors in your pieces
Some truly exciting news! :)

Now that the special project from the Akoya thread has finished, I've managed to finagle a way to keep the lovely strand "in the family," so to speak :)

So, here's Mom taking some world-grade Akoya pearls out for a spin:

WOWZA! Those are amazing, Andrew. Your Mom is so lucky. Those pearls are gorgeous.
AndrewM, the akoya strand has an amazing luster, it's totally amazing. And it's great that you could keep it in the family.
I didn't only buy one amazing big tahitian strand from Pearlescence I also bought something special from Cees. Since I made the two wavestrands out of my good golden south sea strand I have been wanting a new golden south sea strand. So I asked Cees if he had any ni e golden south sea strand, maybe not as small as the previous (8mm) and did he ever. Cees found this wonderful Cogent strand with deep golden pearls. And they aren't the slightest orangey , they are in fact a bit cooltoned which I love. The pearls are 10-13mm and the strand is 18inches long. I knotted it with Beaders secret in gold. I didn't have any earrings that exactly match the color but my copper green tahitian earrings, a bit darker, or my deep golden south sea studs from Oceanscove, slightly more warmtoned do just fine. First worn, with a fluffy sweater because it's cold here.
With the copper green tahitian earrings from Cees.
With my deep golden south sea studs from Oceanscove.