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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Gorgeous pearls. Thanks for sharing. Love them big.

We had a few snow flakes today, and I love wearing my darker pearls this season. My dark cherry and peacock strand of 9-11.5mm drop Tahitians from PP and 9mm aubergine drops from Kamoka.






New member
A close up shot of the earrings and the original shot of the strand from the Pearl Paradise website.




New member
GemandPearlover your big multi T strand is lovely ! Love the array of colors. It looks very nice with the rope you have on as well.

Red that dark cherry and peacock necklace is gorgeous. Love the coloration and it looks fabulous on you with your skin tone. The earrings are very pretty. Your strand and earrings send warmth on even the coldest MN day !!


What a great day of pearls, everyone! Red, those cherry tones are just luscious. GemandPearl, those are knockout Tahitians, and Azflygirl, you’ve taken a great shot of those ripples, which if they’re like mine are tricky to photograph because they tend to turn muddy as soon as the camera is on them.


Active member
It's finally getting down into the 70's here. I had to break out the wool and cashmere. It's really too hot for that, so back to linen the next day.

Handwoven merino and silk blouse with cashmere wrap. Kojima pearls. Kasumi pendant. Chinese Freshwater tin-cup and matching earrings.


Here be dragons! Mom's Rice Krispie torsade with dragon clasp. Kojima perfect drops with my diamond huggies.



New member
Thank you Patty, Charlotta, AZflygirl, Sydk and Katbran. :)

I love visiting this thread to see the lovelies posted. It really is a treat.

Red- Your new cherry Tahitians look great with your coloring. They are stunning and look even better than the website picture.

86Corvettegirl- Kanaloa is such a great statement piece. Very lovely and unique. I am glad you are taking her out so other's can enjoy her.

BWeaves- I love your mom's rice crispy pearls with the dragon clasp and love how all your pearl choices pair so nice with your outfits.


New member
86Corvettegirl, I see that Kanaloa is out enjoying himself, of course he had a great time.
Red, the cherry tahitian strand and those earrings are gorgeous. Such nice colors.
Bweaves, nice combinations. I really like that dragon.


New member
Thanking all our veterans, human and K9, on this Veterans Day ! We are eternally grateful for your service.

With this holiday weekend, it has been a busy weekend at work. My day always starts out well, when I am wearing my Multi-colored T choker. Love this strand for its coloration, luster and simplicity ! (white pearls, are a faux lanyard with my badges I must wear)

Susan Selfie PG 10Nov19.jpg


Traveling Pearl
A quick “Aloha” from bunny and the Traveling Pearl. Enjoying the beautiful weather and good food.




New member
Thank you Charlotta. They are one of my favorites.

Jeg, Bunny looks pretty happy in the 50th State ! Bunny's pearl looks right at home with the environment. I hope you are having a lovely vacation! Aloha


Active member
Red, those are gorgeous T's! Your earrings are perfect drops to go with your necklace!

BW, love the pearl looks, especially the rice pearls with the dragon clasp!

AzFlyGirl, your T's look fabulous!

Aloha, Jeg & Bunny! I love to see your pics in Hawaii. I've never been but it is on our trip list!

Thank you, Gemandpearlover & Charlotta. Kanaloa was a huge hit at the USMC Birthday celebration! He fit right in with all those Marines!


New member
BWeaves, I'm a fan of you Chinese freshwater tincup necklace!

I bought a silver/blue Tahitian strand during the latest PP sale:




New member
Thank you all for the kind comments on my T's. Those Kamoka earring drops are indeed perfection. I wish I could find more of these beautifully shaped drops in my preferred 9mm size.

Annie - Tahitian Love!!! Gorgeous silver blue-green colors on those Ts. They look fantastic on you. Thanks for sharing the photos with us.