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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Meet Cora our new rescue pup. She happened so fast in our lives and arrived yesterday. The rescue group who had her posted a picture of her wearing pearls- so of course she wanted to show off for you all today. Miss Corabelle is wearing a 10-11mm freshwater rope. The pearls are white with overtones of pink and green.


IMG_2325 (1).jpg


New member
How precious, Gemandpearlover. She looks like a sweetheart.

Thank you Andrew! I am over the moon with her. We lost our beloved Doxie mix a couple months ago. DH has cried every single day and our remaining dog was getting depressed. Hearing hubby sing this morning and tell her "I just love you" made my heart so happy. She will need to get adjusted but so far she seems very happy and loves, loves, loves her walks.


New member
Red, that’s a pretty necklace, perfect for fall. You will get much use out of it. And it's a great colors for your hair and complexion.
Gemandpearllover, Cora is adorable, of course she wears pearls. I hope she will settle right in with the rest of the family.


New member
What I am wearing today and Miss Cora has been eyeing is a strand of FW fireball pearls mixed with baroque Tahitians. I think it is perfect with T-shirt and jeans.




New member
Love those fireballs, Gemandpearlover. They look like double nuclei which give them a peanutty vibe. So cute and totally great for casual wear.

Glad to hear that hubby is happier and best wishes for Cora to fit into the family quickly.


New member
Gemandpearlover, those fireballs are really lustrous and perfect with t-shirt and jeans. It's good that your husband seems happier. My not-husband got really sad when we lost our old cat last year. I sort of convinced him that we needed a new kitten right away and then a second kitten this summer right after I lost my father. He said that a new cat cannot take the place of the old one and I said that a new cat would take her own place. It makes more sence in swedish... Last week he told me that he was really happy with our two cats, he doesn't even get angry with all of their mischief. Today he was putting up wallpaper in a room and little kitten tried to eat the glue. They also steal anything not nailed down...


New member
Welcome to the adorable Miss Cora; she's a lucky dog indeed!

Charlotta said it so well; the new pet cannot take the place of the ones we miss, but the heart miraculously makes new places for them.


New member
Winter is definitely on the way. I hauled out my big goldens to help keep me warm. Golden SS pearls from Pearl Paradise. The golden keshi were selected at the 2018 PP Ruckus and were set into stud earrings by my local jeweler.





Pearl Scholar
Red, we may have to rename you Goldie! Simply luscious and a welcome bit of sunshine this time of year for sure! Love the multi gem rope with coral ~ the olive tops are perfect compliments, too.

Clearly Kanaloa continues to dazzle, so elegant and in a class of its own!

Happy Huku, earring perfection right there!

Jeg, love these new combos, pearls and scarfery, what chicness will you come up with next??!!

Gemandpearlover, what a delight Miss Cora is to see; I'm sure she brings joy to your family! Those lustrous sculptural shapes in your glowing fireball necklace definitely add a wow factor!


Active member
Thank you so much, Charlotta, Andrew, Katbran, Pattye! I hope everyone doesn't get tired of seeing him....I just love wearing him so much. He definitely has a presence & makes a statement. He's so unique that he does look like he belongs on the Red Carpet!

Red, your Kojima vintage medley necklace looks wonderful on you! So perfect for Fall! So are your beautiful GSS! I love how they look against your skin.

Gemandpearlover, Miss Cora is a beauty & she can rock the pearls! I'm so glad she has brought happiness to your home! Love how organic your fireball & baroque Tahitians look. They're perfect for jeans & tshirt! You look awesome!


New member
Thank you Pearl Dreams, Charlotta, Red, Bweaves, CathyKeshi, Katbran, Pattye, Alyend and 86Corvette Girl. :)

Red- Those big golden SS pearls are so beautiful. I love the button shapes which are my favorite in SS and Tahitian pearls.


New member
Your goldens are beautiful Red, the shape of the keshis is so pleasing to the eye. It's like they can have any shape they want.


New member
Congratulations GemandPearlover, on your new fur-baby. She is a lovely lass. She wears her pearls oh so well ! Also your fireball and T necklace is so pretty. The luster is fabulous.

Red I love you Kojima Vintage necklace. It looked so delightful against your olive sweater. Oh so pretty. And that gorgeous GSS strand is splendid ! It will warm up any MN winter's day.

Jeg, I love your fashion sense and your combinations with your beautiful pearl collections. The ropes are beautiful. The GSS and ombre strands look gorgeous with your sweater and skirt. And your metallic Kojima pink rope, well it is splendid!!

Recently Cees posted a beautiful WSS and T necklace that was stunning. I became mesmerized by its beauty and the apple of my eye. I am now thrilled to call it mine. Pictures do not do it justice to its beauty in person. It glows and the WSS have a beautiful silver overtone. And those Ts, well they are captivating with their overtones and amazing lustre. I am so enchanted with my new necklace. :eek:Cees WSS and T strand 2.jpg


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