Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Today I'm wearing my new rainbow strand from Pearlescence and my baroque blue south sea studs and pendant, also from Pearlescence. The pendant is on a long freshwater strand from Pearllunar, the one I usually have my tassel on. I have to confess that I only used my rainbow strand for an entire week, but changing earrings almost every day. The colors make me so happy, and if I want a more purple, blue and green effect, I move it slightly in one direction and if I want a more golden, peach and pink effect I move the other way. Usually I wear it with the clasp centered behind me head, but it's fun with options. Added the long strand as well so that I can play with the gorgeous very baroque pendant, need to be fancy whilst shopping for a new electrical kettle... Darling little kitten decided to knock down a potted orchid onto previous kettle at midnight waking up both me and not-husband. Both plant and kettle landed upside down on the floor, mixing orchid compost, water, plant, pot and now broken kettle over kitchen floor. Most things were salvageable except for the kettle. Kitten was overjoyed, we were both up playing with her, so much fun. Cleaning took longer than usually because she kept stealing pieces of orchid compost...
The previous three days I used the strand with my copper green tahitian earrings from Cees. I use them more since I changed the findings to these more secure and comfortable rings from agustus-collection.
I don't really need to be fancy for shopping a kettle...but it doesn't hurt.
Thank you BWeaves, I'm quite taken with the strand myself.
alice Chan, very pretty earrings.
Headed into the office today wearing my 12-14.7mm circled baroque Tahitian necklace from last fall's PP VIP sale. Cherry Tahitian stud earrings about 8.5mm were selected by me at the 2017 ruckus.


That is a nice strand Red and it goes so well with your outfit and your skintone.
I've been taking a holiday from PG for a while. The temptation is too big here. This is what I wore today. A strand of Fiji pearls from Cees and a strand of baroque Tahitians from Wen. DSC_2207.jpg
Alice Chan, those are very pretty earrings!

Red, so glad to see you are out and about and back to work. Less painful to go back to work when you can wear those big Tahitians!

Pareltje, so great to see your post! It’s been a while. I’ve always loved that colorful Fiji strand!
Love those drops, Alice Chan!!

Beautiful Tahitians, Red. You wear them so well!!

Pareltje, the colors & luster of your Tahitians & Fijis are fantastic!! I love how well the colors show!