Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Gorgeous Robert Wan pearls Red, they look great on you. I'm so happy that your recovery after surgery are going so well.
I used the last of my SS keshi to make these two pieces. I posted the short tin cup a few days ago, and am now adding the long strand.


Worn with a Biwa tin cup and deep golden SS pendant from PP Ruckus 2018.

Doubled and reversed to add the SS pendant and layered with the tin cup. I went with this look because I pulled my collar up and wrapped my jacket to leave the house.
Ooooohh Red, that strand is to die for! I love multicolored strands.

Excellent use of the keshis, jeg! They are perfection with that biwa tin cup.
I got a pair of baby GSS studs from JerseyPearl today and they are phenomenal. I don't usually go for bigger studs because of the weight on my ears, but I wanted some GSS studs so bad. When she shared the picture of the baby stud pairs (7-8mm) I was sold. Please excuse my weird work bathroom lighting. I was just too excited to share them to wait. I also included a pic of her adorable packaging.


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Jeg, gorgeous south sea keshis.
lary007, very pretty golden south sea studs. I also have a pair about 8mm from Oceanscove that I wear a lot.
Lary, they look great on you. Can you believe how close in color they are to the gold? Wow! Cute packaging, too.

jeg, all those versions look fabulous. It’s crazy hot here in Pittsburgh, 88* and humid, which should be against the law once the pool closes. The front won’t get here til tomorrow...but even the cold won’t teach me how to layer pearls like you guys do.
Love everyone's new pearls!!!!

It's finally cooled down to 90F where I am! Sorry lisa c. But the humidity has been down to about 70%, so I've been breaking out the pearls!

Sea of Cortez ring. I cannot capture the colors. It's deep teal and hot pink with rose gold.


Blue drops from Kojima on my own hoops. Rope of 7 mm Vietnamese blue akoyas from PP. The Swan pendant on a white gold knit choker. (Yeesh, I should fire the photographer. I don't think my skin looks that bad.)


Perfect teardrops on my own huggies from Kojima. Pistachio akoyas from PP. Everything Bagel and mixed tin-cup from Kojima.



SoC ring again today. Almost everything else from Kojima. Kasumi and amethyst drop earrings. Long ombre' freshwater keshi rope. Short keshi tin-cup. Two ripple necklaces hooked together. The top one from Kojima, and the bottom one from Pacific Pearls.


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Oh Berna (chuckle), reminding me again how lucky I am, indeed! You look marvelous, as usual!!
Thanks so much, Lary007, Charlotta, LisaC and BWeaves! Enjoy those beautiful new earrings Lary007, and all your days of pearls BWeaves!
You look stunning Bweaves, though when I Google convert 30F to C it's still pretty hot. In sweden the news would call it a heatwave or some such...there have been frost in the mornings some days this week in my part of sweden (and I'm not in the northern part with the polar bears and santa...).
Two Andy Muller strands- one doubled.


Two Kojima feather pearl mixed strands. One worn in reverse to attach some travel charms to the clasp.

An Eiffel Tower from Paris, a SOC charm from a Kojima studio visit, and an 18kt ball of little gems (including some pearls) from Lisbon.
I really love those tin cups and rope, BWeaves. Glad to see you’re able to get into your pearls again!

Our weather is turning, too. Still warm enough during the days, but the mornings are cooler.

A baroque freshwater tin cup I made, with the big Tahitian drop pendant with bumpy bail from Kojima. The feather pearl necklaces are also from Kojima Pearl.
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Wearing the baroque tin cup again. The Tahitian pendant and Seaglass Tahitian strand are from Kojima Pearl.
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Can I ask what you use to attach your pendants to your chains? Is it an orbit clasp? I have been searching Etsy and Amazon for an oval lobster clasp or something similar to use like you do...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks:)
Today I'm wearing my new rainbow strand from Pearlescence and my green south sea studs, also from Pearlescence. I have tried the strand with lots of earrings since I got the strand 4 days ago. The selfie do not make the pearls justice.
It's a glorious strand.
Wendy did a wonderful job, I didn't think she could exceed my blue tahitian strand from february but did she ever. She worked so hard to make my dream strand come true.
The rainbow strand is made of natural color tahitians, south seas and edisons, about 11mm in size and about 19 inches long. No red pearls since they are yet to be found (except for zeide then...), but we substituted them with pink pearls.