Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Pareltje, beautiful colors and luster on your tahitians and fijis. They look great on you.
Thanks PD for your compliment and you are always helpful with flipping pics.
Thanks for the compliments Andrew, jeg, 86Corvettegirl and Charlotta. Have a nice weekend.
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I have been collecting random tiny Tahitian keshi in order to make a pearl chain. Wearing it with my big Kojima Tahitian drop.


And worn with my Kojima golden SS drop, and paired with a mixed strand of SS, Tahitian, and freshwater pearls from Rio Pearl, Hong Kong.

jeg, love your tiny Tahitian keshis worn as a chain they're so versatile and you can combine them with any enhancer you want.
Look at those gorgeous strands with the lovely grey outfits. Great inspiration for fall and winter. Love the mixed HK rope and that giant Kojima golden drop is a treasure.
Jeg, I just love the variety of your T's! I especially love the Keshi necklace! Looks just fabulous with your pendant.

I have just finished packing for our trip to NOLA! Kanaloa is very excited but he is packed nice & secure! He's ready to get his party on!!!
Thanks so much, Pareltje, Marianne, lary007, Red, Parrot Lady, and 86C!:eek: Have a wonderful trip, 86C!!
Multicolored Tahitians from PP and black and white Tahitian studs from Kamoka.

First Alice Chan ! What gorgeous gorgeous WSS earrings !!! Lucky you !

Red - glad you are recovering so well and breaking out the big Tahitians ! And I love Cherry and Aubergine T's

Pareltje - Those strands work well together... I do love the Fiji !

jeg -collecting the little Tahitians has turned out well...adorable rope and again layers are beautiful !

BWeaves - Lovely Tahitians , they look like soft silvery shades of greys, blues and greens . I find those lighter coloured strands to be quite neutral really and they seem to work with everything .
I thought I did not like "black pearls" for years because I just don't care for a whole strand of the dark ones. When I discovered they came in light and bright multicolors is when I fell in love with Tahitians. This particular necklace jumped out at me at Ruckus a couple years ago and it really does go with everything. I have two sets of studs from Kamoka, and both are mismatched pairs. This pair is pale blue and dark purple, while the other pair is lavender and peacock green. I find that both pairs go with everything, and especially look good with my natural white Hanadama rope, which totally surprised me.
What a beautiful backdrop for a fabulous strand! I love the length of it too.. I have a fatter neck so I pay attention to those things lol. I have a lot of dark tahitians (which I do love) but I'm curious to see how lighter ones would look on me. PG is so dangerous sometimes.
Bweaves, the tahitians looks great on you. They really are stunning and as you say goes with everything. I use my multicolor rikiteas a lot and always when I don't know what to wear.
A little off track, but I was playing with my seashells this morning. I made this necklace mostly from shells I collected in Okinawa, and a few from the Caribbean. It’s a little busy to layer with pearls, but I always try... Tiny pearl chain from Kojima and golden SS pendant from PP.


Green Tahitian strand and Tahitian charm bracelet from PP.

Not too busy, I love it! Summertime and sunshine...
then winter warm.
Hi All !!

It has been very busy at work and I come home late and exhausted, so not been PG as often as I would like. This weeks full moon....need I say more ! lol

Forgive me for playing catchup.

Alice Chan, beautiful earrings. Love the way they look when worn.

Red, love that strand. Beautiful color, and luster. You look fabulous, brightening the fall day .

Pareltje, beautiful multi color T strand and Fiji combination. They match so well together and are beautiful when worn together.

BWeaves, that color multi T strand, is stunning. The medium to pastel tones are gorgeous and look lovely against your skin tone. Luscious.

Jeg, love the new seashell necklace. Love the color of the beads with the seas shells, whimsical and colorful to warm any winter's day ! Also love the green T strand and pearl charm bracelet. Looks heavenly combined with your beautiful clothing. Breath of fresh air on a fall day !

You ladies inspire me with your beautiful jewelry and the artistry of your choices in wearing combinations with your lovely fashion ! Bravo !! :D