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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
thanks tucs and bas! the blue and gold ones are akoyas i had fun choosing from the pictures pp sent me. i love how pearls change depending on what colors you wear them with and the light. some times those two are little chameleons :)


New member
funky_pearl - Love your bracelet pearl choices! I've been playing with mine and need to post pictures too! And I hear you about wrist shots - not the easiest!

Today my pearls are black & white! I shortened my black & white strand with a pearl clasp so I could wear it close to the neck.


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New member
Pkin I just love your collection of pearls. Each and every piece is just amaing. Hope you can come to the ruckus and bring them all so I can drool in person :)


New member
Thanks for the wonderful comments! Hisano did such a fantastic job putting the strand and bracelet together.

JerseyPearl - Here are pictures of the clasp and strand before and after. It's circle that opens up and then you close it around the pearls. Yes there's a risk of scratching the pearls so I don't do this very often. And the pearls are big enough that they don't fall through the circle. The other issue is that the rest of the strand falls behind your neck/down your back but if you're desparate enough to shortern a strand you'll do it!


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New member
I am happy to announce that pkinnew was kind enough to sell me one of her lovely PP ombre lariats!!! Voila! Thank you so much, pkinnew! I just love it and it is different from anything I own:


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New member
I think it's YG and pink tourmaline. I just love it -- but did any one person notice or say a word today? The answer would be a resounding NO!


New member
BAS - It looks better on you than on me!!! Just gorgeous!

I have a few more items I might be willing to re-home if anyone is interested (pm me).