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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Thanks Lisa c and kelluvpearls! It's autumn here but it feels more like winter in Melbourne, definitely frosty!

lisa c

Perpetual Pearl Student
That's right! The thread isn't 'post what expensive, exotic or rare pearl you're wearing', but 'post what you're wearing'. We want to see:D

I admit to self-consciousness because I don't have many expensive pearls or a youthful jawline, but we're here to have fun! I love your creations, everybody's are interesting to see, I love to see outfits, etc...
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New member
I love seeing peoples exquisite necklaces. Even if I will never be able to find or afford them I LOVE just seeing such beauties being worn and loved!!! I hate it when jewelry never gets worn , so when I see phenomenal pieces worn I get happy! Makes the world a prettier place! ;)

Thanks for the kind words, it is a nice breezy little thing. Its about to get STUPID hot down here so something light is always welcome!


New member
today i wore my pp charm bracelet. i couldn?t get a good picture of it on my wrist so i took it off for photos :)
and here's my favorite cherry Tahitian pearl on my quartz skull...


New member
lol, i collect stones and liked the way it looked like a crown on it's head :D i plan to continue adding to the bracelet, it's really a fun piece to wear!