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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
As promised, here are pictures of the 2 Y necklaces from PP. I checked the original order and they are both described as metallic ombre pearls. The lavender one has pink tourmaline instead of citirine. I really don't need both...


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baby nurse

New member
Ckrickett, the tin cup turned out beautifully! I wish I lived near you so you could teach me how to make something like this.

BAS, I recognize that tin cup (hello jaunty hat)! I was wearing mine just the other day and will post it shortly. Great to see it's finally the season of pearls and dresses : )

Pkinnew, I love the look of the Tahitians with the white shirt! Very chic. What body color are they? I'm pretty sure I see cherry overtones.


New member
Ckrickett, your new tin cup is so cute, and I'm so envious of your workshop "toys" !

BAS, love your necklace :)

Pkinnew, those 2 ombre necklaces are beautiful !!!


New member
BAS, I'll never forget that meeting either. I spent that entire lunch staring at your pearls. There are pearls, and then there are PEARLS. Your strand is quite exceptional.

I wore two strands of my 9.5 mm silver blue baroque akoyas as a rope yesterday. No photos, because they do not photograph well against my black top. But, in real life, the luster and pink and blue flashes of color enchant me. Great pearls do that.


New member
Red - I agree! Those madamas are exceptional and BAS they look so wonderful on you!

Today, PP silver Tahitians for me.


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baby nurse

New member
Your madamas are fantastic with that neckline and shade of blue, BAS! Great view of the earrings, sigh : )

Pkinnew, silver Tahitians are on my short list!


New member
Ckrickett, I love how your new ripple tin cup with oxidized silver and black spinel turned out! You are so creative. I wish I could make my own jewelry.

BAS, that madama set is so stunning on you – I never tire of seeing it.

Pkinnew, I love the style and colors of those 2 Y necklaces from PP. Your silver Tahitians are gorgeous – what size are they?


New member
Pkinnew - your silver Tahitians are gorgeous!��

Wearing my PP metallic drops today. I wasn't used to wearing drops at first but they are super comfortable now and barely noticeable on. I love the green and pink soap bubble effect on these pearls!