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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

baby nurse

New member
Ckrickett, that looks amazing on its own! The delicate necklace with a simple neckline is so pleasing imo and very different from what we usually try to achieve. I have something similar and will get it out for pictures.

In the meantime, this is what I wore yesterday. PP Edison pearl bought during a Black Friday sale a few years back.




New member
ckrickett -- Nice! Somehow, I've been craving simpler, smaller pieces lately. Not feeling so into the "tai tai" look lately (icy -- thanks for teaching me this term). But I'm sure my taste for large pieces will return!

baby-nurse -- that looks stunning with your top and long chain!

No pearls for me today. I'm sitting here sweating from fever...


Crickett - that necklace is adorably dainty and I love the colors!
Baby Nurse - A delicate chain with a stunning pearl and it looks amazing against that top. I'm getting ideas about new combinations. :)


New member
Baby Nurse, your Edison is simply beautiful :)

BAS, I thought your tiny pearls might be that size ... I already have several strands on order for a project or 3. Hope you feel better soon!


New member
We had a visit from our son from college today, too! He moves back in for the summer next Saturday.


New member
Get well soon, and thanks for all the pretty pearl pictures.

I wore my new Mother's Day smooth drop silvery pistachio Tahitian necklace from PP today. I love the incredible luster and how they sport little blue halos that they picked up from the sweater. My earrings are Humphrey stainless steel and silver akoya. I would love a pair of pistachio akoya studs to wear with this strand.


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New member
Red - your pistachio akoyas are divine! So lustrous.

Ckrickett - I love your blue akoyas! They look lovely with the black spinel and beautiful on your neck.


New member
Another fun Monday catching up on pearls!

BAS - Your multi metallics are so fantastic and you really capture them well!

crickett - You've been busy beading, haven't you! I love your combinations of pearls and gems, especially the blue Akoyas and black spinel!

baby nurse - Your Edison is gorgeous and how fun to wear it so long! Great look!