Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Jeg, I remember that ssp on the table at Ruckus and looking at it. I wish I had an ounce of imagination because I love how it looks on you. It's a very special strand and I'm glad you bought both and made a lovely rope. And your akoya rope and dangling pearls are very lovely too!
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Thanks, Amti and Charlotta! Always fun Ruckus shopping with you, Amti!
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I snapped this photo before heading out the door yesterday. Same outfit I posted in the private launch, but I took a new pic anyways. I met Marianne for a Starbucks show and tell.


Close up of the ombré rope and multi SS strand that I posted in the private launch thread

Marianne was wearing her intricately beaded SOC mabe necklace.

She also had fancy nails! And her pair of Kamoka earrings. The Starbucks lighting was not good for pearls, but it does show off her sparkly nails.
Blue Tahitian from PearlHouse

And here’s a strand of keshi she made for her daughter

You’ve already seen all my show and tell.:rolleyes:
I absolutely love those two gssp strands together!!! You're always welcome to post more pictures of them. lol

And thanks for posting Marianne's pearls (and nails) too. I wonder how many hours it took to bead the SOC setting! Next time show a picture of your two smiling faces!
Thank you annie, BWeaves and amti! You are too sweet, amti, but I’ve been hogging the thread lately, so it’s time to let others post!
Oh no jeg you must keep up the very good work you have been doing. Please keep posting all of your pearl pictures. My crazy work schedule either 6 am to 6 or 8 pm so I don't take any pictures any more even though I still wear them everyday. I do enjoy seeing all of your wonderful collection. I still think you should to a thread like Baby Nurse.
Jeg ... What Newberry said!!! Happy note here ... my "dead, obsolete and vintage" laptop (per the 20 year old Apple "genius") was miraculously returned to me today, courtesy of a friend. New to me vintage screen, vastly upgraded hard drive and memory and I'm not going blind staring at a cell phone screen anymore trying to see everyone's lovely new pearls !!!!!!
Such a pleasure to see all the "show and tell" here, even if I don't always comment. Great to see your keshi, Cortez Pearls and beadwork, Marianne! Maybe Kamoka has another pair of those cool earrings, love the carved MOP, different from the ones I already have. (Never can have too many earrings, lol.)

Red, enjoyed revisiting the story of how the Crevoshay Pendant found you, an extraordinary piece of art!

86'vette, spectacular ombre strands and Tahitians!

Katbran, thank you for all the info on the wild oysters.

JEG, first time I'm seeing that huge baroque SS strand! Your ropes are always so fun with your cute dresses and tops.

Aerinha, it will be fun to see what colors you pair with your gorgeous new Edisons! Blue Akoya rope, so lustrous, nicely done!

Please, please keep the photos coming!
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Thank you so much, Newberry, Cathy, Pattye and Katbran! You guys are too kind.

I miss seeing your pearls, Newberry, but I know what you mean about taking photos of them. It’s difficult to capture them in the right light at the right time of day, on top of the busy schedule you have.

Yay Cathy! I like having a bigger screen than my phone, too. I always get the smallest phone I can find because I don’t like carrying it, but then it’s harder to see everything.
JEG: Nooo, you're not hogging the thread. Sometimes I think I'm hogging the thread. But I think we all love seeing each other's pearls, so please keep posting. You have a wonderful collection, and I never tire of seeing pearls.
It's hard keeping up with this thread and I have enjoyed everyone's pearls immensely. BUT -- I love, love, love Jeg's clothing and would greatly miss her pearls and clothes. Agh! I want that jacket! HA HA - I want it all! :)
Thank you BWeaves, GemGeek, 86C and Katbran! You guys are way too nice!:eek: I do plan on posting, I just don’t want to hog all the space!:rolleyes:
Old school pearls today, along with some new ones.

My ruby hearts with akoya drops. My birthday necklace from Mom worn with new baroque akoyas from PP. Lily Pad ring from Kojima.



The baroque akoyas make any pearls they sit next to look dull. My birthday necklace is quite awesome on its own.
Did anyone else think the holidays were a blur?? I hope everyone has had an enjoyable month, trying to catch up on this thread a bit.

20181225_085751 (1).jpg
Mixed baroque tahitian strand on our way to Christmas mass. Does anyone else scope out other pearl enthusiasts when they're in public? The flute player at my church had a BEAUTIFUL tahitian harvest strand, probably a Kamoka one. I didn't have time to hunt her down after service, I wouldn't be surprised if she's on this forum too!
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Rare date night, wearing short button tahitian and mixed tahitian rope. Music played from the movie Home Alone, with a live orchestra! And no children, yes please.
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Large tahitian silver pendant from Pearlescence, paired with a Star Wars Xmas sweater. Because you can't take yourself too seriously.