Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

86Corvettegirl. I love those earrings. and the ombre' necklaces are gorgeous.
aerinha, love the purples on you - I’d been eyeing those on Kong’s (bought gem multi edisons instead, but not sure if it will prove the right choice) - glad to see them again here.

They had two I was eyeing and I went with mine as it seemed more one color instead of multi. The other said purple but looked multi, although i had a red glow. I planned to get it too if my strand was a happy purchase but it sold the next day. Their other two gem edisons are gone now as well. I hope they get more in other colors.
Thanks Sunseeker!

86C, your earrings and ombrés are so pretty!

Red, thanks so much for bumping that thread. Your pendant/pin piece is gorgeous. I love it with the pendant dangle you had made for it, and the story behind the pin. A very special piece in your one of a kind collection.
Mixed golden SS’s from Ruckus 2018, pearl chain made of Vietnamese Akoya pearls and Akoya keshi from Hong Kong show, and large GSS drop from Kojima Pearl.

Thanks, BWeaves! This is from yesterday. Seeing only a part of it in the photo, it looks like all I am missing are my mouse ears and big yellow bow.;)

Very nice, jeg. Big baroque SS pearls are among my favorites. And, I will never tire of seeing that big golden drop.

Thank you so much for the photos.
Thank you everyone! I wear these ombré necklaces quite often.
Andrew, I bought these earrings from Shane Company to wear with the ombré strand as well as some others. The SS pearls are 10mm.

Jeg you look beautiful!!
haha, jeg, I love your styling, both the white baroque against the red sweater and the GSSs against the dark blue. Polka-dots always make me smile!
I like the polka dots. They remind me of pearls. And those baroque SSs are HUGE, and gorgeous.
Paula Crevoshay pendant with drop Tahitian pearl from the PP Conneissieur sale

Red, your pendant is just breathtaking, so Byzantine. When I look at the pictures, the pearls just disappear and my eyes are glued to the pendant. It is truly a queenly treasure.
Thank you, SunSeeker, BWeaves and annie! I must subconsciously gravitate towards polka dot prints because I have a lot! It Is a happy print for being so simple. Annie, I think you wil love the SS’s. I don’t tend to wear a lot of white pearls, but I do love this strand and the baroque shapes.
jeg - that is a lovely strand - I am a big fan of the baroque pearl and especially the WSS baroque , yours is gorgeous .

To explain for those who don't know and might think 'wild' oysters meant 'natural' pearls.. Australia has the last significant beds of wild oysters left in the world. They are regulated by the government who grant licences and quotas to the farms. These wild oysters are used to cultivate cultured pearls . The farms are all located in very remote areas of northern Western Australia and the Northern Territory. I am such a fan :D
Thank you for elaborating on these wild oysters, Katbran!
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Two days, same rope. (And more polka dots!) A long Kojima rope of Japanese silver blue baroque Akoya and a Tahitian dangle.