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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Charlotta- what gorgeous colour on those nice big Tahitians !! I love the bright blue green !!

jeg - it's so beautiful in those mountains..I lived in Washington for a couple of months many years ago and have very strong memories of traveling through them... gorgeous!

Red - Those pipi are so pretty in the photo..I'd love to see them in real life.

lary- That pearl is beautiful and works perfectly with the stones !!


New member
Here is me in action with my long dangley pearl earrings and tahitian flower pendant that you cant really see...posing next to a 5 strand natural pearls with diamond clasp made by cartier. Alllll willddd natural pearls..it was amazing!
One story goes cartier swap 2 strands of his natural pearls+100$ for a mansion in 5th avenue! Craazzyy...well thats all my pearly action for that day.


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Traveling Pearl
The traveling pearl crossing the Puget Sound-

Hiking along the Olympic Peninsula. The weather was overcast, so you can’t make out the snowcapped mountains in the background, but it makes for perfect weather for hiking.

Picking up some beach finds along the way-
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New member
Gorgeous pearls, friends! Long time no see, it's nice to see all of you (and your pretties of course!)


Traveling Pearl
I’ll have to keep both your ideas in mind, Lilliefuzzysocks and Sunseeker! Hi to Pareltje and Battah- I feel like I’ve been away for a bit too, or at least not taking many pictures...


New member

This is the one that started it all, taken on the way to the airport pretty much immediately after I bought it last October in Hanalei, Hawaii. I wear it almost every day and it goes with nearly everything. Without a doubt, it's my favorite necklace.

Hi, I'm Jess and I'm new, but I've been lurking awhile, and will be posting over on the beader's forum because I like making my own stuff... :) Just reading through things has helped me out so much so far!


New member
Hi Jess! Welcome! That's an awesome necklace, it's so wearable.

jeg, sounds like you've been busy doing fabulous things, that's a good thing :)


Traveling Pearl
Welcome, Jesscat! I love your Tahitian. I also love Kauai- you were up near some of my favorite beaches on earth.


Active member
My two current favorites are my Tahitian & South Sea Ombré 36" strand & my 18" 12-15mm Golden South Sea strand. (I'm not sure why the pics show up sideways.)


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Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
Very pretty, 86Corvettegirl! How about a neck shot of the goldens? :)

Photos showing up sideways seems to happen a lot! I rotate my photos on my computer so that I can upload them oriented correctly. If you are uploading photos from a smartphone, maybe try reducing the size of the photos to see if that solves the problem.