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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
I've been MIA for a while, but have enjoyed catching up on the last few pages of lovelies!

JEG, I love that dreamy SOC keshi necklace from Kojima! I saw it on Instagram, but it wasn’t for sale on her site, so I wondered who got it. Your new necklace from Sarah is beautiful too!

Red, the colors of the Pipi pearls are fantastic! I thought about buying them, but wasn’t sure what I would do with them because there weren’t enough to make a long double necklace. Your extender piece is perfect to turn them into a gorgeous double! I wondered if they would pair well with Fijis, and they really do.

MSC, your acid rain pendant is fantastic, with great luster and textures -- so creative!

Pearl Dreams, your golden strand is wowsers!

Lugana, your double strand of silver akoyas is lovely!

Lary, the pearl in your ring has such a pretty, unusual color! I also love your perfect Tiffany blue mani. What polish is that? The GSS and aquaprase colors look great together – lovely earrings!


Traveling Pearl
Thank you, Gem Geek, Pattye and Kay! Kay, I saw the SOC on the website. I really wanted to wait until my trip to see everything in person, but I didn’t think it would still be there. I’m so happy to have it, as I think it’s a beautiful piece.

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
No photos I'm afraid, it's been hectic the past 3 days. We had to make 3 separate trips to NY.

Friday we drove to our daughter's college to attend the Honors Convocation, at which awards are given; I wore my golden SS pearls.

Saturday we got up very early to take the train into NYC to attend her graduation. I wore my white SSP. The college rents a facility each year for the undergraduate and graduate ceremonies; it gets around the problem of what to do if it rains. It was cold, raw and rainy all day-- we were glad to be indoors.

Today we drive back to the college and moved her out of her dorm for the final time-- no pearls today!

I am finally sitting down. Feels good! :D


Traveling Pearl
What a busy weekend, Pearl Dreams! Congratulations to you and your daughter. You must be thrilled and very proud.

These were some of the loose strands I brought back from my trip to Kojima. I knotted the “challenged” baroque akoyas into a short strand, and the tiny silvery blue freshwater strand, strung longer, with an Edison pendant from PP hanging from it.

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
Thank you jeg...very proud mama here. I have passed along your congratulations to her and she says thanks too. :)

She and I both have colds now, ugh. I made a big pot of chicken soup today.

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Today I'm knocking around in the baroque akoyas that I got from PP 3 years ago. They are 9.5-10.0mm. I really like this size for short pearl necklaces.


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New member
I do love baroque akoyas! I wore mine the other day at work and forgot to post here.

8.5-9mm baroque akoyas from PP and 7-8mm pink/silver metallic freshwater pearls also from PP. I'm also wearing some blossom collection freshadama earrings in yellow gold with 5.5mm Vietnamese golden akoyas in my second piercing, both from PP (man was I a walking advertisement for them that day!).

I also included a picture of the golden akoyas with a pair of pinked hanadama studs on the day I got the goldens. They are small but mighty for sure!


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