Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Thanks, Cathy!

Today I'm wearing another Honora necklace, not dyed! I love the flow of this and the amount of sterling silver used in the design.

Honora pearl and silver necklace
pkinnew, thanks for sharing your photos! I especially like that last necklace. It such a unique design and really pretty. Do you polish it, or has the silver remained so untarnished?
Wow, I've loved your look-back Pkin, but this is so cool, so simple, so beautiful, I want one.
I keep going back to your chocolates, too. They're very rich looking :)
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ckrickett, one of my favorite necklaces to admire :) ! I especially love the way that tin cup always maintains a nice graceful curve, rather than a sharp V ... so pretty.
ckrickett - Your scattered tin cup is so beautiful! Elegant, sexy, just perfect!
BAS - I haven't had to polish it yet, just store it in my silver safekeeper. If I ever have to, though, it'll be a hot mess lol!
Crickett -- your tin cup always makes me smile! Thanks for sharing "over here"!
SOC Mabes

SOC Mabes

For some reason I needed to wear this necklace today - ever get that feeling? I'm wearing a simple navy linen tunic and wanted something to pop! The colors don't come out too well in pictures (kinda gray looking) but irl it's full of color!

Sea of Cortez mabe pearl necklace
Fantastic!!! Do you like the feeling around your neck? When I tried it on I remember it as feeling substantial yet "soft".
Well, Pkinnew, THAT's always a welcome sighting ... just fantastic!