Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Here's a close up photo of the black strand, I am really happy to have all of you to share a love for pearls, thank you for your interest!
kelluvpearls, your strands are beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration ... my spinels have been sitting in a project bags for months ... I need to find some Tahitians :)
kelluvpearls, those turned out beautiful! Really pretty, look like a designer piece.
Enjoying seeing everyone's pearls, of course!

Today -- PP peach/pink metallic souffle tin cup with citrines. I like the shine and glitter over the busy paisley print:

Pearl Paradise peach/pink metallic souffle tin cup with citrines
peach/pink metallic souffle tin cup with citrines from PP
Thank you Cathykeshi and Tucs, Cathy I am looking forward to your black spinel project!
BAS I love the souffle tin cup on you, gojng back to the other thread to check out new photos!
Here're 3 more photos, the black strand I could just wrap around my neck 4 times; the white strand just twice. I might make more in different colour combos pink freshwaters is on my radar.
2015-02-28 11.39.35.jpg
2015-02-28 11.40.15.jpg
2015-02-28 12.09.28.jpg
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Oooh, the layered look is terrific. I think if you added a third color it would be wonderful! (With green or red stones.)
I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product. The tousled-three-colors look will be gorgeous!
Wow, you and the necklaces are gorgeous Kelluvs! The necklaces together enhance each other.
Thank you again BAS and lisa c, it makes my day to hear these kind words from you lovely ladies.
I really like the 2 necklaces layered together. What a gorgeous neck full of pearls!
Kelluvpearls, the necklaces look fabulous layered, as do you !
I know there was a little talk awhile ago about "early pearls" so it got me thinking about some pearls I bought from TPO years ago. Yes, they're dyed, but I really love the colors. I paired them with PP chocolate Tahitian earrings. Not so natural in color but fun to wear!
Chocolate Tahitian earrings from Pearl Paradise
Chocolate Tahitian pearls paired with dyed freshwater
Chocolate Tahitian pearls paired with dyed freshwater strand
Thanks for that look back, Pkin! Sometimes FunPearls really hold their own. Looking very color-rich against your hair and skin, nice!
Since I'm in flashback mode I decided to wear a strand of Honora fw pearls I got from Rue La La. They're white, silver and gray and just seemed the right thing to wear today. I threw on my white SS stretch bracelet just for fun!

Freshwater pearl strand from Honora
Freshwater pearl strand 2 from Honora
White South Sea stretch bracelet