Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Beautiful, cyndayco! I love those colours. Very nice length on you, too.
Saltwater mabes are usually grown in pteria penguin. They are sometimes dyed and sometimes they get extra color by using colored resin inside when they take the implants out and make the mabes. That is a killer necklace and it looks perfect on you! :)
Well, I can see from that photo why you were captivated, Cyndayco :)
kelluvpearls - Those earrings look fantastic on you and I absolutely love your necklace! Very chic and fun!

cyndaco - How could I not love your new necklace?! The mabes are amazing and the opals add a nice punch of color. Great workmanship and it looks perfect on you. Congratulations!
I couldn't find the right pearl necklace to wear with my clothes today (what????) but as I was looking through my jewelry box I found this bracelet that I haven't worn in a long time. I purchased it years ago from either HSN or ShopHQ (now Evine) and you can see my love of the bypass design again!

Tahitian bypass cuff
Tahitian bypass cuff 2
Thank you pkinnew and I love your bracelet, it fits your wrist perfectly. I am wearing my other project strand today.

2015-02-26 17.09.25.jpg
kelluvpearls, please tell us more about your project ... very pretty! (apologies if you already did and I've forgotten ...)


Kelluv, I love how your project strands turned out! How long is each strand, and what sizes are the pearls and the black spinel and white sapphire beads?

Have you tried wearing the two necklaces together yet? I would love to see if you can replicate the layered Gellner look in black and white.

Gellner Castaway.jpg
Gellner Black Diamonds 2.jpg
Gellner mix.jpg
Gellner pearl style
Segreto black & white Gellner
cyndayco - wow ! That's a great necklace ! I'm glad that it's a lovely in real life as it was online !! And on sale...doesn't get much better than that !!
Pkinnew - I love that bracelet ! Very simple and elegant ! You should definitely wear it more lol !!

Kelluvpearls- I admire your patience lol Stringing all those little stones .. ugh... I did a necklace ones that had a ton of tiny stones and I swore..never again ! But .. you are inspiring me with your gorgeous ropes ! Very pretty ! Did you use little moonstones..I can't remember.
Hello everyone thank you all for your kind words and for the inspiration photos, and pkinnew's gorgeous strand . The pearls are around 9 mm and the beads are around 2 to 2.5 mm. The black beads are black spinel and the white ones are coated yellowish white corundum.
The black strand is 61 inches long, and the white strand is 36 inches long.
I used softflex extreme wire 0.014 diameter, silver crimp beads, french wire , recycled an old clasp from a tahitian strand; and used a silver lobster clasp for the longer strand.
I repurposed a strand of small diameter tahitian pearls for these projects.
Next time I will shorten the distance between each pearl but I didn't want to restring it again so soon.
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