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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
JerseyPearl, thought I commented last night ... your new ring is stunning, and what a wonderful surprise from the hubby, who did a great job!

funky_pearl, another hubby on the job :) And what a great result ... your new torsade looks beautiful on you, and the colors with that top are perfect.


New member
Beautiful pearly presents from husbands! Pirard, that ring is beautiful, and the pearl quite big!

Enjoy in good health.


New member
JerseyPearl - That is a knockout ring! funky_pearl - Your torsade looks perfect on you. Great gifts, wonderful DHs!!!

Here are pictures of my PP natural pearl ring. Sorry if I go overboard but I just wanted to capture it's beauty.

First inside shots... (the last shot I tried to capture the blue on the side)

039.jpg040.jpgView attachment 33357037.jpg004.jpg

Frost Me

New member
FunkyPearl, your set is darling, I am loving the earrings, please post more photos. You are blessed to have a loving husband.


There can't be too many views of either ring, but what a delight to enjoy a gorgeous natural pearl from all angles and lights. :)

lisa c

Perpetual Pearl Student
my surprise valentines pearl torsade from the husband, he picked them out himself! from pearls of joy :D
They look gorgeous on you, you look gorgeous in them - and I still love your metallic keishi earrings!


New member
pkinnew that pearl is soooooo beautiful! i love the setting it's in, it's perfect for it! thanks lisa c, the torsade can be worn less twisted and more like individual strands too i think but i like it more that way.