Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Here's what I wore to my morning meeting

...and here's what was waiting for me when I arrived home:
The fireballs are wonderful! I'm not sure which is what color, as I ordered one of each...regardless, they are all lovely and the two lighter pearls will go to my daughters. The darker pearl has a very strong green orient with a magenta/cherry overtone (hope I'm using those terms correctly!)
BAS - Those are some jumbo ripples - love them on you!

JerseyPearl - Congratulations! Your fireballs are so pretty and I'm sure your daughters will go crazy over them!
JerseyPearl -- your Tahitian rope is gorgeous. And those fireballs are fantastic! I love each one. And that Tahitian tin cup is beautiful on you!

pkinnew -- Thanks! They are jumbo indeed. Chunky in a really fun, metallic way. I'm sure no one imagines that they're pearls.
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BAS, those ripples are outstanding. I love that deep pink color on you. And those "golden figs" look delicious enough to eat.

The TR is from the PP summer sale, and the tin cup is from another clearance sale by PP...I have kind of gone wild over the past year with pearls. I am sitting on my fingers because I just got the special PP promo. Do I really need another tahitian necklace??? Do I???
If you want help restraining yourself -- you're asking the wrong crowd I'm afraid!
Wow Kelluv, that photo looks like an impressionist painting! Gorgeous light, Beautiful jawline!

i love the necklace, too. It's very 'float-y' and delicate looking.

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kelluvpearls - Your tin cup looks gorgeous on you! Feminine and bold at the same time!
Tahitian pearl pendant pearl paradise

Not the best photo at all, but I am wearing my Tahitian pendant from PP and a little blue akoya necklace I whipped together yesterday from some extra BBA I purchased recently for a project
Awww, thanks guys! They are very special -- and so light despite their size!
Aha, crickett! BBA - blue baroque akoya? Pretty color!
Love everything, ladies. I adore those little blue akoyas - it just goes to show how shimmery they are that just a few would make a beautiful statement. :)