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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Love everything, ladies. I adore those little blue akoyas - it just goes to show how shimmery they are that just a few would make a beautiful statement. :)


Thanks everyone! I will try and take better pictures next time.
I love all the pearl photos!
BAS those earrings are wonderful!


New member
BAS swooning over your stunning souffl? earrings AGAIN! My favorite piece in your collection! Enjoy your upcoming trip!!!


New member
Thanks, guys! I just packed my Chinese take-out container with some of my pearls for the trip (there was pre-Ruckus discussion on how to pack one's pearls and I like the super light Chinese plastic take-out containers. I wrap the clasps in Kleenex. Light is important since I'm carrying by hand).


Active member
kelluvpearls ... well, I've used my photoshop skills to turn people right side up again ... but I never thought of using them to make my neck look good enough for photo here ... hmmmmmmm ... LOL! Beautiful photo, I agree with Lisa C :)

BAS ... wishing you and your pearls Safe Travels, luck to the hubby and a great chat!


Active member
Thanks! He actually selected it at Christmas time and chose to give me a pin and earrings and hold this one back for Valentine's Day (I can't be mad...but he hid it from me!!) I already know what my birthday (in March) gift is so this was a complete surprise! 22 years of marriage, and he can still pull one off.


New member
my surprise valentines pearl torsade from the husband, he picked them out himself! from pearls of joy :D