Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Amazing ripples Luvglitz!

Purranha - gorgeous rings! That GSS is huge!

No neck shots but here are a couple of pendants I put together for my step mother & my brother's fiancé. I love the subtle blue green overtones on the silver one. The peacock shows lovely overtones in real life but unfortunately my phone didn't capture it.

Tahitian pearl pendants
Thank you for the info MSC!
And can someone PLEASE explain to me why all the beloved pearl vendors and jewelers are ALL located in LA?????
Can someone PULEASE come to NYC to open a branch office???????????????

I feel the same way about Fort Lauderdale! They need multiple branches! Mmmhmmm
Forget Ft. L. Come to Orlando. We have a great airport. Just pop in, visit me with a suitcase full of pearls and pop back to LA.
Simple pendant for a hot day. Used an enhancer clip to attach to chain.

Oohh crickett, love your Tahitians!
Kalmen' nice pendant - looks like a flame ball??

Last week I decided to visit PP to enhance a 30" akoya keshi necklace that I rarely wear. Erin was so helpful and patient with my requests, as I didn't really know what I wanted! I decided on light gss drops and the bluest blue akoyas I could find in the blue akoya box. I had a white akoya tin cup with 14 -7 mm pearls that broke so I added 7 within the design. The other 7 pearls were made into a 17" tin cup with more blue akoyas. I know I'll wear these a lot!

Here are both necklaces worn together and separately. I'm so fortunate to live so close to our favorite vendors. A definite plus, considering the cons to living in LA!!!

OMG Lmgraden I love your redo's!!!!!!! I hope you won't mind if I copy your design :) I have a double strand of Lake Biwa silver pearls and maybe if I do something like this I would wear them. I've had them since 2010 and maybe worn them twice if that. Look at them but never wear them. Your new pearls are totally wonderful ;) Enjoy!
Lmgarden, what a fabulous redesign ... I just love those blues and golds together ... Congratulations!
Newberry, thank you for the compliment - we all inspire each other here!! I think something like this would look great with your silver biwa pearls. Can't wait to see what you choose! Actually I'm thinking I may switch the gss drops to larger and darker round gss. But for now I'll live with them the way they are...

Thank you , Tucs and Cathykeshi! I'm so happy to wear this strand again!
Purranha what do you need done? Over on Pricescope they mention ID Jewelry a lot.
BN 13 strands! I have a feeling we've only seen a fraction of your pearl stash!
imgarden i love the revamp of your necklace, it looks so pretty layered like that! i wish i lived near pp, i'm jealous!