Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Those peacocks look gorgeous on you BN! I picked up a strand from that batch too, and the green and purple overtones really glow IRL. I can't wait to see you next month!
BN, those are gorgeous tahitians. How many tahitians do you have, if you don't mind me asking? Just ignore me, if you mind.
Babynurse - gorgeous Tahitians. Purple with green overtones... Love!
Icy and Kay, your South Seas are breathtaking! Really amazing, what a treat to admire them even just in photos.

MSC that's a lovely collection right there! So pretty.

BN I love that Tahitian strand, it looks very special.
Thank you for your kind comments! I've always enjoyed seeing your beautiful pearls on this thread so it's good to finally make my teensy contribution.

MSC: that photo took my breath away!
The Hamentaschen and my Mikimoto white gold huggies.

Hamentaschen and Mikimoto white gold huggies
I'm wearing my HG strand today. This is our first day of sunshine in almost a month

Large ripple pearl strand
Wow, I was away for a couple days and returned to see all these amazing pearl posts!! Lovely pearls, ladies!!
Icyjade, amazing wss necklace and metallic studs.
BWeaves, love the coins with the new orbit clasp.
MSC, I'm lusting over your collection.
KaySD, love your wss & mixed strands together - great impression.
Baby Nurse, beautiful overtones on those Tahitians.
Crickett, love both keshi necklaces worn together.
Luvglitz, love the kaleidoscope of colors from your hg ripples.
Thanks for the kind words re my Tahitians!

BWeaves, I don't mind the question re the number of Tahitian strands I own. I will count them! I love the Hamentaschen with the little huggies and that denim top, btw.

Wonderful layering, ckrickett!