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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

baby nurse

New member
Thank you ckrickett and Cathy!!

It was so cold here today that I had to pull out the cashmere sweaters again. In June :rolleyes:

I'll bring this strand to the ruckus (next month!!), and a shell button cardigan too ; )


New member
And velvet, sigh, Baby Nurse :) I might like the velvet as much as the pearls LOL. It's been cold here too ... our young friend termed it Junvember.


New member
Ckrickett great Tahitian pendent!!

Hanadama Beautiful pendent!!

BabyNurse sweater 10, Tahitian strand 20 ;) so glad you will be bringing it to the ruckus.


New member
Thank you ladies!!

Baby nurse - the Tahitians are all from Jac - the pendant on the left holds an 8mm round and the other holds a 7mm circled round. Both from his multicolour mix. The pendant settings are from Rio!

I absolutely love your Tahitians - the colours are spectacular and you capture them so well!


New member
Newberry I love that! I have grown so fond of lumpy tahitians!

Me too!! I do love the character of different shapes, circles and lumps and bumps. Those pearls seem to be able to show more colors than rounds. My heart does skip a beat for smooth drops too ;)


New member
Hanadama and ckrickett, those pendants are gorgeous! which makes me think I do not own enough pendants... ha.

Baby nurse those Tahitians are dreamy! Do you have a favourite Tahitian strand, or are they like your babies...?