Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Newberry I love that! I have grown so fond of lumpy tahitians!

Me too!! I do love the character of different shapes, circles and lumps and bumps. Those pearls seem to be able to show more colors than rounds. My heart does skip a beat for smooth drops too ;)
Ooh I love a floating pearl necklace ckrickett! And that teal blue is just stunning.
Hanadama and ckrickett, those pendants are gorgeous! which makes me think I do not own enough pendants... ha.

Baby nurse those Tahitians are dreamy! Do you have a favourite Tahitian strand, or are they like your babies...?
My silver-blue keshi.

silver-blue keshi strand
Love the shapes of those pearls, and they're so vibrant!! They look beautiful on you!!
Thanks hanadama, ckrickett, lmgarden and kelluvpearl!

It's funny, these look rather dull on me in the winter, but in the summer with even the slightest sun tan they pop on my skin tone.
Tucs what a great strand of keshi. They look huge and the luster wow they just glow.
Came across this labradorite and coppery chain in my archives, and it went so well with this pair of little octo babies, decided to make a lariat.

pair of little octo babies on labradorite and coppery chain
pair of little octo babies on labradorite and coppery chain Jurnecka Creations
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