Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Beautiful wssp!

If I were your baby, I'd grab them, too. It just shows they have good taste, right?

I strung my coin pearls really tight, so I figured they needed to be worn to loosen them up. My Kojima teardrops came out to play with them.

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I think I may have been a bit over enthusiastic when pulling the knots TIGHT. I can't stand it when I feel a pearl slide on the thread.

BWeaves did you restring this with gimp???
Purranha: Yes, I restrung my coin pearls with gimp. I have photos back on my original post about help with knotting with a triple thread.

I just put all my restringing supplies away and discovered that I had bought a boatload of gimp in different sizes from Fire Mountain several years ago and forgot I had it. Now I have more from Pattye. I think I have a lifetime supply.
Baby Nurse, your lovely golden ripples with tiny gold beads look so perfect for summer and your ombre Tahitian rope is spectacular!

Pearl Dreams, I love your near round Tahitian strand!

Tucs, your Tahitian tin cup looks so lovely on your skin and the Fiji mabe pendant is so cool.

Ckrickett, I love your creations! The little ammonite is so cute.

BWeaves, your Nana's necklace looks so wonderful with the clasp worn in front. La Perlagrina is so special -- what size is she?

IcyJade, I can see why the baby wanted to grab those beauties! I would too! Remind me what size they are, please.

MSC, that is quite the treasure trove! I love the tiny golden wire wrapped pearls.
Today was a South Seas day for me, with golden and mixed SS pearls from the PP sale last year.

golden and mixed SS pearls from Pearl Paradise
KaySD, that's really a sensational look, with the 2 SS necklaces against the backdrop of navy blue ... just lovely!

MSC, all that golden June sunshine ... so bright, cheerful and pretty ... delicate but with such a presence. Do you know anything about the oval gold spacer links on the necklace on the upper left? I have a vintage bracelet with alternating pearls and similar gold links ... all I know is the lady who's estate was liquidated traveled all over the world. I always wondered if the links were particular to an area. Mine are slightly different, but very similar.
Whoa, all the SSP! Those two strands are gorgeous, Kay!

Thanks, Kay, Cathy and Hanadama! Cathy, I pulled those links from an antique watch chain that came out of England :) Not sure if any other country regularly produced links of that shape, but it seems like England produced quite a lot of the style.
ICYJ - those WSS are stunners...since you have admitted to neglecting them...I think I should be their 'foster mother' ... send them down's the right thing to do.... :p

MSC JUNE! is definitely a pearly month in your house! Wow .. what a great collection ! I love the fact that you used the antique links!

Kay...those strands are truly gorgeous...and they really pop with that navy !!
MSC, thanks for the info on the links ... I love what you did with them :) The only thing I know about my bracelet is it came from an estate of a lady in her late 80's; my friend owned a jewelry store and bought the entire estate. I picked up a few small pieces, and it was obvious some came from her travels. All your little pearls are just beautiful!
Kay, the two SS strands together are incredibly lovely. The deep gold is beautiful and it looks amazing with your skin tone and against that blue.

Wonderful collage of your stunning pieces MSC! I wish you were coming to the ruckus so we could all meet in person and also get a good look at our pieces : )
I bought these Tahitians last August from PP. In real life they have beautiful purple and green overtones.

Tahitians from Pearl Paradise. In real life they have beautiful purple and green overtones
Tahitian pearls from pearl paradise
As expected my baby grabbed on to them but I enjoyed wearing my wssp after months of neglect.

Taken in the car

With metallic fwp studs

Icyjade, your wss strand is out of this world gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing a pic of this.
BN, those are beautiful!! Tahitians with purple and green overtones is on the top of my wishlist.