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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


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The older I get, the more I appreciate the baroque, not perfectly matched strands. They seem to be more colorful and more interesting than my perfectly matched strands. However, I do seem to have a limit as to how much baroque I find attractive. Keshis and odd lumps and bumps don't appeal to me in general, but specific pearls or strands like that may call to me.


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Too hot today. Brought out my summer pearls. My reborn pearls tin cup and matching earrings are so lightweight that I have to keep checking that I'm wearing them, and haven't lost them. Since the earrings are fish hooks, and the necklace also closes with a simple hook, I have occasionally had them come off unexpectedly.


They really do not photograph well. They have a very good soap bubble like orient.
I love the squiggle in the long twisted gold beads.


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Oh, I like the pipis and the butterfly. Please tell me more about the butterfly.

I have to share this, even though I'm not wearing it (yet) and it's not pearl related (OK, I laid some Tahitians on it).

This silk and wool woven shibori just came off my loom. Shibori is a Japanese tie dye technique, only I let my loom do the tie up part and I steamed the fabric instead of dyeing it, to get permanent pleats. It will become the "ribbing" on the sleeves and cowl neck of a woven sweater I'm making. I wanted a neutral that had a taffeta effect of shifting color as it moved, so the warp is green orlon and the weft is orange silk and wool. It's the plastic in the orlon that sets the pleats permanently so they won't fall out if the fabric gets wet.
That's the only reason I would even touch orlon.




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That is truly a COOL piece of fabric, BWeaves! Love the pleated design!

The butterfly is by James Banks and is a combination of metals but primarily silver. It's a buckeye butterfly, which reminds me of Kentucky :)
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Pearl Dreams

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Just pulled together a few things -- these pink and green tourmalines I strung a few years ago, an enhancer finding and a Tahitian pearl.


  • pink and green tourmaline necklace with enhancer and Tahitian.jpg
    pink and green tourmaline necklace with enhancer and Tahitian.jpg
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The fabric is really cool, that's quite a lot of work for accents on a sweater. I see a lot of lovely vintage Japanese fabrics online and thought of buying some, but decided not to as I'm not handy with a sewing machine.


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BWeaves that fabric is astonishing! How long did it take you weave and set the pleats etc.?

Pearl Dreams, that's a really refreshing tourmaline and pearl look for spring and summer :)


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Weaving was slow, just because I wasn't weaving but a few inches every so often, so several months. Other things to do and see. If I was weaving full time, I probably could have woven it in a week. I don't weave professionally. I'm way too slow to make a living at it.

There were nylon cords in the warp that made the diamond pattern. When I cut the fabric off, I did not cut the nylon cords, and just wound them back onto the loom. That caused the actual fabric to bunch up at the front of the loom, and it pleated the fabric in less than a minute. Then I tied the cords tight and steamed the fabric for 30 minutes. Pleats are then set. It took about a minute to cut the nylon cords and pull them out of the fabric.

Now I have to weave the fabric for the body of the sweater. I'll do that in 100% silk and wool yarn.

And before I forget, I love that tourmaline, pearl enhancer and tahitian drop combo.

baby nurse

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MSC, I really, really love those together. The pipis are so special and the butterfly... so detailed! I checked out the artists website and it looks like the wings actually move! Very cool! Did you get to see his pieces in person or was it an online purchase?

BWeaves, the Tahitians would be amazing against anything but that fabric is glorious. I'm very impressed that you wove that piece.

PD, I love the tourmalines and Tahitian together. It's such a pretty set and looks lovely with your skin tone!


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My mind is still not ready to think about more than one thing at a time LOL ... MSC, the Pipi and Butterfly combo is adorable ... both so delicate and detailed, and a fascinating mix.


Natural Pearl Lover
Really lovely tourmaline necklace! And I like that enhancer too...

BN I had been drooling over their work for a long while before deciding to pull the trigger. It was a risk bc I didn't see in person, but it was worth it! I wish I could afford one of their more opulent butterflies. It does move, but I like to wear it open.

Thanks, Cathy! I do tend more towards the delicate things in life ;) like your new chain I'm sure, ahem!


BWeaves, I'm so in awe that you weaved that beautiful fabric. How rewarding that must make you feel - really lovely!

MSC, not only do I love those tiny pipis, I love your butterfly!! I just looked on James Banks site, and noticed they have a Palos Verde Blue Butterfly available - I'm in many So Cal. gardens and they are extremely rare... I just might have to have one!!

Pearl Dreams, I have that same enhancer... your Tahitian looks beautiful with the tourmalines!


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Just pulled together a few things -- these pink and green tourmalines I strung a few years ago, an enhancer finding and a Tahitian pearl.

I love your tourmaline necklace! The simplicity of the enhancer on those strands is wonderful. You will have fun wearing this especially this summer.


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PearlDreams- love love love the tourmalines...one of my most favourite stones..every time I see one of the pink and green strands I think of Lilly Pulitzer lol They just shout out summer to me ! And I do love the pendant ..that pearl is so pretty and the simplicity of the gold ... great combo !!

BWeaves --- well...I am in AWE...absolute AWE of that fabric! Its stupendous! The colours are amazing..what a combination ! I can't wait to see the final product ! Well done!!