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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Active member
I always thought my 5 mm were a bit small. I've always wanted an 8 mm opera length rope, and now that I've got one, I find it just a bit heavy. I think 6 to 7 mm is the perfect size. But for layering up, 5 to 6 mm are great.

baby nurse

New member
My earlobes are very sensitive to weight but my neck isn't at all. I just really like the look of smaller sized pearls in a rope, anywhere from 5-7mm. I have one that is either 7.5 or 8mm and the pearls themselves are lovely but the rope just doesn't have the same appeal.


New member
thanks everyone:) yeah i learned my lesson...from now on i'm gonna tell my bench guy to try to keep the patina, i think it looks better on the antique pieces that way!


New member
Wow, lots of beautiful pearls in here. It's like window shopping. 😉

One of my favorite strand. 9mm FWPs, dark lavenders.




New member
i love that double strand baby nurse. and what a beautiful, long lavender strand perlas!
here's what im wearing today...a midcentury princesse pearls brand graduated strand, vintage mikimoto spray pin and an unmarked wreath pin. all akoyas. the pearl earrings are metallic freshwaters.

baby nurse

New member
Thanks, kelluvpearls.

Those are gorgeous deep lavenders, Perlas!

Funky pearl, I love the set you are wearing. I've never considered pearl pins-- these are so pretty!

Easter egg Tahitians for Easter Sunday ; )



New member
My goodness, BN, those look enormous, I don't remember seeing them before, can you please fill me in on details? they are gorgeous.

Perlas, your rope is beautiful! I love that shade of lavender, I have never seen such a long necklace in a darker shade of lavender.

funky pearl, you look straight from a 1950s movie, with your delicately beautiful akoyas.