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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Perlas - I love that beautiful shade of lavender, your rope looks beautiful on.

Funky pearl - what a gorgeous collection of classic pearls!

Baby nurse - those pearls are huge! I love the lovely shapes and colours.

baby nurse

New member
Thanks Katbran, Tucs, Pearl Dreams, IcyJade, kelluvpearls, hanadama, BWeaves!

The Tahitians are multicolor baroques and range in size from 13 to 16mm.


New member
baby nurse that necklace is to die for, omg!
today i'm wearing my new (to me) antique bracelet. i think they are baroque akoyas? that's my best uneducated guess at least! lol :) i've never owned a pearl bracelet or necklace that wasn’t knotted between the pearls so that’s kinda odd too....?


New member
Lovely bracelets, ladies. :) let me throw in my 10mm pink lavender unpolished FWP bracelet. :)

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New member
I'm wearing the silver pistachio Akoya again today. They are becoming fast my favorite. So lightweight and luminous. Also wearing some silvery T's for a bracelet.20160329_150634.jpg20160329_150854.jpg