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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Active member
Baby Nurse, I love your taste in pearls, and sweaters. I'm normally not drawn to lavenders, but those are gorgeous.

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
I'm soon heading out for lunch with my daughter, who is home on spring break. The gold warms up an otherwise cool, gray, overcast day.


  • golden SS strand.jpg
    golden SS strand.jpg
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New member
Babynurse, those lavenders are gorgeous!! They certainly look metallic in the photos!

PearlDreams those GSSP....wow. They are like flaming suns. Fabulous!

I'm fighting off a cold but threw on my lavender rice rope to look like I was trying.

baby nurse

New member
Thank you for the compliments on my lavender rope Cathy, katbran, kelluvpearls, Happy Huku, BWeaves, enbcfsobe.

Hanadama and minasan-- they are indeed metallic.

GreenBling-- there is strong green overtone on some of the pearls.

PearlDreams, I covet your goldens ; )

Enbcfsobe, nice to see your luxurious lavender rope, despite your cold!