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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Busy week of pearls for me. Had my Sister Bachelorette party, Her WEDDING:eek:!! And some lovely days at home working and wearing some of my favorite pieces

Bachelorette and Rehearsal Dinner necklaces
White Ripples and Baroque Tahitians from PP

Wedding day i wore the wedding pearls I wore. My Pretty Torsade. aka the tornado

and today was such a lovely day out I decided to take big papa out for a little stroll

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
Today I'm in the mood for my color-shifting gold-pink-peach FWP.


  • color shifting necklace.jpg
    color shifting necklace.jpg
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  • color shifting threaders.jpg
    color shifting threaders.jpg
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New member
i really love your wedding torsade ckrickett, it has a real antique feel to it. and those pink pearls are to die for too pearl dreams! the earrings are like little mirrors!
here's what i'm wearing today,

Pearl Dreams

Pearl Enthusiast
Thank you, ladies!

ckrickett, pearls for the bride are a no-brainer, but your pearls remind us how appropriate they are for family/guests as well.


Active member
I can't pick a favorite. You all look gorgeous!

Today I linked my 6mm Vietnamese blue akoya rope with my 9 mm Vietnamese baroque blue akoyas, and then wore them double. They really looked amazing against my olive drab sweater. They really popped against that drab background. I also wore my Kojima blue grey drops. They've really become my favorites.


baby nurse

New member
Thank you, ckrickett and Cathy!

BWeaves, I don't think it would have dawned on me to wear blue akoya with olive but they look amazing together! I also love the different sizes together, really perfect.


Active member
BWeaves, that jacket provides the perfect introduction to Blue Akoyas and Olive Drab! Apparently I have to rethink how much I dislike the few pieces of olive drab I own and don't wear, and never would have thought to put with Blue Akoyas ... brilliant!

Baby Nurse ... I'm stunned by those beautiful earrings! I had Burmese pearls in my hands at the ruckus, and as I'd just gotten white baroque akoyas, passed on those. I was wrong LOL. Gorgeous, and what a great second photo!