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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Active member
I decided to wear the two blues together for real today, along with my Kojima blue grey drops.


Finally, I can wear a sweater dress. It got down to 60 F today in Florida.
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New member
Very glamorous, BWeaves!

ckrickett, your harvest strand and bracelet are beautiful.

funky_pearl, that pendant is lovely, you will wear it lots.


New member
Your pearls are glorious! Sautoirs (opera length) are so classy!
I love your Christmas necklace too, and the color match with your clothes :)


New member
I am enjoying catching up on this thread. So many beautiful baubles!

BWeaves, I adore the Swan, and love you rocking your white and blue akoyas with that great metallic blue leather jacket.

Funky_pearl, what a fabulous stocking stuffer from hubby!

Ckrickett, your faux harvest pieces look wonderful on you.

BabyNurse, I love those goldens on you! Those are “little” pearls with a lot of impact.


New member

Today, I wanted something that would pop against a black sweater, so I reached for one of my new favorites from the recent Pearl Paradise GSS sale.


New member
BabyNurse, I LOVE the way those little gold bubbles look on you ... ethereal!
KaySD, That look is somewhere between Queen, Empress and Polynesian princess ... it's my new favorite strand on you ... at least till you show us something else fabulous :)
It's a FUN day at PG when you 2 show up!


New member
baby nurse and Kay -- really beautiful pieces!!! What a pleasure to view! Thank you for sharing with us.


New member
Wow, those two necklaces are gorgeous. The little akoya look like little golden bulbs, look smashing against that royal blue top, BN.

Kay that necklace is all glamour. Love it with a simple black collar. Looks great on you!