Fiji Pearl Safari Anyone?

Just bought three tickets. Maybe this is my lucky year...
Thank you Jeremy. I didn't know this existed. I just bought a ticket.
got my ticks in the mail today.
Fiji here I come....back up plan is to shell out my own $$ and go and check out Kamoka since I didn't win that trip last year ;)
I'm buying tix, too!!! If someone here wins, please consider lugging me along!!!!!!!!! :eek: 10yr old daughter when she found out there was only two people going asked me, "So, what are we going to do with Mommy!"
Tickets purchased, too. but when is the drawing? I didn't see the date anywhere.
OK, so how does this work? I bought a ticket. Does it come in the mail? Or is it just an online thing?
can the trip to Fiji start from Bangkok, Thailand also?
I think it's in a couple of weeks, if not less.