Fiji!!! I want someone here to go!

Thank you Jeremy! I also received an email on the 4th that my tickets were mailed. I am still watching the mailbox for the arrival! I think with heavy holiday mail, it just may be taking longer.
What a generous thing to do! I do hope one of Jeremy's tickets wins, because think of the wonderful pictures that will be posted here by the lucky recipient! Sounds like a great trip.
J wins J wins J wins J wins J wins J wins J wins J wins J wins etc :)
So excited! They shipped my tickets yesterday, but I have no idea what the numbers on mine are LOL ...
They haven't shipped my tickets yet. They e-mailed me that they would contact the winner directly.
I finally purchased my tickets yesterday evening, and I just got the e-mail that they have been shipped. Fingers and toes are crossed.
They are still selling tickets on their web site. Hopefully, they will stop selling once the drawing has happened.