Who wants to go to BALI?!?!


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Jun 22, 2004
Who wants to go to Bali Indonesia and visit Atlas pearl farm?

Last year we held a raffle to send someone to the CPAA sponsored trip to visit Justin Hunters farm in Fiji. PG member Julie Beth won that raffle and just left for Fiji yesterday!

Here is a link to the video from last years raffle! (http://blog.pearlparadise.com/2015/1...going-to-fiji/)

We had so much fun with this we decided to do it again! We've teamed up with Atlas Pearls to send someone to Bali next year!

From Atlas:

The winner will visit the beautiful "Island of the Gods", Bali.

Atlas Pearls will escort the winner to North Bali to visit a working pearl farm.

Also called "another side of Bali", North Bali offers an alternative to the hustle and bustle of Kuta. This part of the island has many beautiful and natural treasures including natural wonders such as waterfalls and lakes.

Atlas Pearls will provide five-night accommodation at a nearby resort offering a tranquil resting place and base.

Here's the catch! In order to enter the drawing you've got to meet the following requirements:

1. Have 50 or most posts on Pearl-Guide OR have been an active member for a minimum of one year.
2. Youve completed the Pearls as One certification course (www.PearlsAsOne.org use coupon code PGRUCKUS for free access)
3. Be willing to TAKE US WITH YOU! We will be sending the winner a GoPro to blog, post and shoot video for all the other members of Pearl-Guide!

When you've completed the course and are ready to be entered into the Bali drawing, send an email to xxxxxxxx@gmail.com.

We will hold the drawing December 27[SUP]th[/SUP], so you have plenty of time!

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I'm planning to go to the northern part of Bali in the summer next year with my family. And we're going snorkeling in the area of Menjangan Island. But we see how this plan evolves. Bali was rocked by a 6.2 magnitude earthquake today. After New Zealand had been hit by an earthquake a few days ago.
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Entered! Thanks Jeremy and Atlas Pearls!! :)
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Thank you Jeremy and Atlas. I've just sent my e-mail.

Hurricanes and earthquakes. Why does this always happen right when we get a chance at a free trip?
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Well, I do! Want to go to Bali :) Thank You Atlas and Jeremy!!!
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I've completed the course and sent an email to get my certificate but I'm still waiting for it for about 4 weeks at least...:confused:
Me too Bailey! Actually I completed the course on the 12th September and emailed the same day. So it's been more than 2 months for me!
I'm at Bali now! Won't have time for the farm but I'm visiting the Atlas showroom later. Will update with pictures.
OK the course has been updated since I took it weeks ago. I took the final exam again because it was saying i was only 99% complete and after I was able to download a PDF copy of the certificate and now I'm 100% complete.
Could it be the reason why I didn't get my certificate?
And now I just realized you're in Australia. They are sending them first class mail. It may be taking a bit longer than it would in the US.

Thanks Jeremy! No rush as long as I'm eligible for the draw I'm happy! :)
Me too Bailey! Actually I completed the course on the 12th September and emailed the same day. So it's been more than 2 months for me!

Mine just arrived (yay!) and I finished Sept. 9 th I think. So yours shouldn't be too far behind. i have it framed and hung already.