Unusual Pearl Earring


Feb 7, 2022
Hi there!

I came across these beautiful earrings by the designer Stacey Nishimoto and have been confused ever since! I know they are strung quite snugly on silk as she made a post once about loosening them up so they hang well instead of looking stiff.

Could it be a double strand of silk with a glued knot at top and bottom? Any idea about how secure this would be? Or something else? I'd love to learn more about this illusion-esque stringing and discuss with some other pearl fans.

Thank you!

Unusual Pearl Earring
earrings by the designer Stacey Nishimoto
A neater way to do it would be to finish the thread inside a pearl around two from each end and attach the final couple of pearls with a headpin - so pearl 3 has half silk and half pin attaching, if you follow. Small silver ball going to loot neater than a gluey knot?
Pearlescence, I agree that would look better. But I'm not sure how you would tie and secure the second knot if you're trying to hide it inside the row of pearls.
I know, glue. But how do you get it in there to hide it?
Yes, that does sound much neater. I was wondering if such a thing was possible!
I have made some pearl earring enhancers with tiny gray keshi before and used that Extra Fine silicone covered beading wire, but unfortunately I had to use a 14K white gold crimp bead on mine. I attached a jump ring and use mine looped BEHIND a stud earring so the crimp bead doesn't show. However, gluing this wire inside the last bead would accomplish the same effect if wearing in a straight strand and would also provide a more stable flow of the pearls as they dangle. Just a thought.