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  • Hello Jeweljunke,

    Glad to be a friend with you. Must go and look up some of your posts so I sort of get to know you :) I am so busy with listing sometimes that I forget who is who but if I do never take at as an insult. Just me being overworked and half brain-dead.
    Are you following the Tahitian thread? Regardless, thanks for liking my style, if I have any :) not everyone does. I too often blurt out what I feel or am thinking. I really hate anyone being totally unfair and rude and Wendy is and was. She is known for being a bitch although I do know recently she has been sucking up to the powers that be. Obviously to get away with the crap she is trying on the thread I started. Many times she has been in danger of being ejected. I may have myself more than once so I cannot talk to much about that but not for being a bitch I hope. Just for having a big mouth me thinks.

    Thank you, rest coming in another email. Dawn
    Your email is full (dawncee@iprimus.com.au). I sent you some information, but it was returned.

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