TRIP AROUND THE WORLD? Feb 28th - Mar 26th


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Jun 23, 2010
Pearls are farmed in some of the most beautiful and remote corners of the earth. On behalf of my family business, Imperial and the Cultured Pearl Association of America, I have the honor of traveling to these locations creating a documentary about all aspects of pearl farming. We?ll cover each evolutionary stage such as hatchery, seeding, farming, harvesting, processing etc., and interview farm owners- learning first hand the challenges and rewards of this extraordinary business. Another aspect I?m eager to discover and share with each of you is the native cultures of each region.

I will be leaving with a production company out of California going first to Hong Kong, then to Zhuji located in main land China to explore Chinese freshwater pearls.

From China, I will fly to the Philippines, which is the home of Jewelmer, renown farmers of the exotic Golden South Sea pearl.

From the Philippines I will head to Japan for a week where I will visit the city of Kobe, farms located in the area of Ise where the iconic white Akoya pearls are harvested and the hometown of legendary Kokichi Mikimoto.

From Japan its off to Fiji to meet Justin Hunter who owns farms that are producing some of the worlds most vibrant colored black pearls.

Finally I will visit the tropical paradise of Tahiti as a guest of Tahitian pearl powerhouse, Robert Wan, the man responsible for approximately 60% of the worlds? black pearls.

Tahiti will complete my first journey over seas but there is one destination left which requires visiting later in the year due to the the peak harvest season, that is Australia! Located in the remote northwestern corner of Australia is the Paspaley pearling operation. The Paspaley Group are the largest farmers of what is possibly the worlds most luxurious and valuable pearls, the White South Sea.

I will be posting pictures and writing through out my trip on the Imperial facebook page. Many of the destinations are far removed from urban society therefore internet will be unaccessible. However, I will be sure to update my status upon my return to the cities. So stay tuned!

(Pearl guide members) Please feel free to suggest different topics that you would like to see addressed at these destinations, along with questions that you would like answered on film strait from the sources themselves.

Below is a link to Imperial facebook where you can follow my trip beginning on the 27th of February.
Josh and Jeremy together? Watch out! Seriously Josh, what can you ever do to follow up after the grand tour of pearl tours? I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing all about it. :cool:
U guys should complete your trip with visits to and also a trip to Bali,

Next Year!
Wow, that sounds like a great trip! Who wouldn?t love to join in on that... I?m eager to see first pictures and videos! Further on I might have some questions on the availability of some video footage from the pearl farming grounds... Congratulations for the great journey!!!
Sigh, I say this will all love and respect I am soooo "jealous"! Seriously though, sounds like a fantastic trip! Travel safely! and please bring back lots of pictures and stories Pretty please???

Have a great time Guys!

New Zealand appears conspicuously absent from the itinerary, as I had the notion Imperial-Deltah was the US agent for Blue Eyris?
The reason for not covering New Zealand's Eyris pearl is that we felt that it would have potentially been a conflict of interest. We received funding and support form the Cultured Pearl Association of America. Due to the fact that we are the sole distributer of Eyris pearls, it would be in only our interest to promote them. We are contemplating another trip to New Zealand to cover Eyris, as we would love to have that footage and feel that it is very important.
Sigh, I say this will all love and respect I am soooo "jealous"! Seriously though, sounds like a fantastic trip! Travel safely! and please bring back lots of pictures and stories Pretty please???

Have a great time Guys!


Hey Ash, if you are interested on following the trip and seeing pics along the way just friend us on our facebook and I will be posting pics for every one to see!
Ohh Thanks, Just sent the friend request. Will be following for sure!


I sent a friend request too! This is too good to miss. I hope Jeremy will take a few pix for this thread too- or any of youse taking personal pix in addition to the official ones........
Wow! What a trip!! I am very excited to see all the footage and information that comes out of this!

I personally would love to see what a pearl auction looks like and to better understand how Pearls go from farm to retailer.

I would also love to see you guys dig into what is happening in Tahiti (politically) with the demise of GIE Perles de Tahiti and how that is affecting local production.