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  • So "about you" is Steve..
    Steve only?
    Tell us more without browsing the whole forum to find more about you :)
    Steve, I must insist that you post some of your pearl photos in your profile gallery. It's really easy. Really! ;)
    Steve - just wanted to compliment you on the piece in your avatar. The colors are so vibrant and wonderful - did you have it made or did you happen to come across this beauty somewhere? -Carol
    Hello, my name is Eugene I’m form Miami, Florida. I now live in Bangkok, Thailand and have started a pearl company. What I like to know is, do you know if there are any pearl factories/suppliers in Thailand or pearls factories from China reselling in Thailand? If you do will you please contact me you can contact me at
    Hi! Is there such a thing as ... a good buy among abalone pearls? I am interested in a parcel of small (~3mm) bits that could form cluster earrings in combination with carved aquamarine cabs.

    I can take 'no' for an answer. Hope this message goes through...

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