Pearl farms Philippines


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Jun 14, 2024
Hello everyone, I come to Philippines only for visiting pearl farm and find new sellers with height quality golden pearls.
Sure the first I found Jewellmer and they have some rules to distributing they product and this will take some time from my side.
But I am really upset that can’t find any other farm cause first I relay want to show process how is going on pearl farming in Philippines. The most of farms are already closed and I can’t show process still cause didn’t find any contact of farm which didn’t close now.
I am already visit Davao, Busuanga and now I am at the Palawan.
How can I find any contact cause I am traveling then Vietnam , Indonesia , Tahiti and Japan only to show differences in process of farming in different countries
Pearl farms typically only sell in very large mixed lots. You're much better off looking for a trader than a farmer. Jewelmer sells pearls directly in their own shops, but this is retail. Most farmers sell their pearls on the international market, either at auction or at one of the major jewelry shows.

Your best bet to find a supplier or farmer willing to sell to you is to attend one of the Hong Kong shows, like the one happening now -