South seas tin cup!


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Jan 16, 2017
I’ve been dreaming about this tin cup for a while, and when Cees posted some GSS baroque and súper lustrous pearls, I just knew these where the ones I want it to use and mix with it’s sisters, the white version to have a versatile necklace!

Here’s a picture and it’s almost done, can’t wait to see it in person!! This is done in 18KYG and it’s 32in on length,. I will post more pictures when it arrives!

Oh my gosh that's so beautiful! What a great idea, and such a lovely outcome ... Congratulations! Look forward to selfies :)
Absolutely posh! Plus, led my mind to seeing them draped on mink. An old mink, mind you...
Whoa, that's awesome! Gorgeous and versatile.
My eyesight is going, though. I first looked, and for a split second, thought, wow, what a tan! LOL. That neck form is a work of art. If I had one like that, I would leave it out where I could see it and rotate my pearls.
I’m with you on that GG, I thought it was mink.
Thank you Katbran, BWeaves and Pearlbop!

I just received it and was so excited to take a picture right away! Please don’t mind the mismatch layering As I just threw it on top of what I was wearing!
Thank you Pearl Dreams! The colors and luster of the pearls on the SS tin cup is spectacular!
I can’t get enough of these pearls, they’re so beautiful with all the different shapes and the luster is just amazing!