South sea pearls?

Thank you! I think so too, and I'm sure one of them will come home with me eventually. And hey, if the seller prices them right I might buy them again, as freshwaters.
Btw, I got my pearl stringing kit I ordered from you this last week and everything is lovely and arrived in good condition, and I loved the sweet note. Thank you!

Here's a picture of my collection of naturally occurring exotic-colored ssp. Just to give you an idea. I bought them from different vendors known by the members here.
The pistachios and golden-greens are so special :)
Pareltje, did you photograph the pearls in the snow? Great idea. I have plenty of snow.
Pareltje, did you photograph the pearls in the snow? Great idea. I have plenty of snow.

Yes, I love photographing my pearls in the snow. The colors pop like mad. You'll be able to see all the obvious and subtle overtones on your pearls. The snowy environment acts like an enormous light box, very suitable for pearl photography.

Greenish ssp from Pearlescence _20210207_192834.jpg

Gssp from Cees
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I missed these last photos somehow Pareltje. Wonderful snow photos.
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Hi , I am glad that the seller did the right thing. It's not uncommon at all for small independent Jewellery stores to sell large freshwater baroque as South Sea or Edison strands as SS ... but not with the South Sea prices usually. Just incorrectly identified.

There aren't really any truely pink or lavender South Sea. You get the odd unusual shade Like the lovely piny golden apricot that pareltje mentioned. Pretty rare . The pink white is very faint, a halo of pale pink really. The most sought after colour.

So all shades of Gold and all shades of white and silver/white including blue silver. Other than suspicious .
Oh there is that clasp I love !!!!! And of course the gorgeous pearls !

I'm still looking for more unique clasps, Katbran. It's unfortunate that a lot of jewelry shops have to close because of Covid and because they're deemed unessential.