A Little Adventure to Pearl Paradise


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Aug 8, 2009
What could be more fun than a little adventure to Pearl Paradise to see the newest Tahitians. It is like a siren call to me hearing a big box of Tahitian strands have just arrived. I remember seeing the blog post when they were bought.


My mind started dreaming of another Tahitian strand. I made a list of what colors I have and there was not many holes to fill. I remembered seeing on the blog post "many white" and I was sunk because a white Tahitian strand is one color I did not have. I told my good friend Kay I was off to PP on Friday. She being a good pearl friend cleared her schedule to go with me. A PM to Imgarden resulted in her agreeing to meet us there too.

Before I can leave I have to decide what pearls to wear and what to bring to compare with what I am looking for. Don't want to repeat ;) or maybe I do? They day before pictures go back and forth and these were what I decided to bring. My silvers mainly to remind me I already had several of those strands.


Then Kay asked me to bring my white south sea tin cup so I add that to my neck.


I really had no intention to wear all of them at once. Where else can you pile on the pearls and not worry you might be over doing it than a visit to the best vault in town? Pearl Paradise of course ;)

Hisano being the wonderful woman she is made three pieces for me during the month prior to the ruckus for me to wear. So I brought a few flowers to show my appreciation.


Here's one of the Little h pieces that she made. I have worn it many times since and every time I do it gets compliments and high praise. I just adore it!

Greetings and hugs are given but our eyes are riveted to the entry table of the many pearls on it. This is later in the visit but you can get the idea of what were were seeing.


Trays keep coming out for us to see.




The little box with the blue handles is the September special in the picture with Jeremy above. Here is a peek of the pearls.


A blurry picture of a strand Cathy asked me to look at for her :)


We got to play princess with some dream strands



If I had an unlimited budget this one would have come home with me.....

Pearls fit for a queen and they get to go home with her ;)


Jeremy has been hard at work putting together strands from loose pearls. From these boxes....


Into beautiful strands



Better pictures in the light box. The black spots you see on some of the pearls are the drill points.



Can you tell which are my new beauties? White body with gold overtones will be a rope and oh woe is me another silver but with blue overtone rope ;) I already have the perfect enhancer to wear on each of the new ropes too.


It truly is a good thing I took oops I wore my silvers so I wouldn't be tempted. But as you can tell there is as many many different silver colors not to even mention the overtones. By the way in one of the boxes there were silvers with pink overtones. Kay and Imgarden didn't go home empty handed either. But that is their story to share.
I really enjoyed your narrative and photos, newberry.

I was all set to hit the hay when you began posting this, and then I just had to stay up to see all the photos. Congratulation on your new ropes!
Thank you PD and M it was a fun day where pearl dreams came true.
Thank you for the photos! The pearls are gorgeous. Would love to see more pics of your new ropes! White with gold overtones... Sounds divine!
OH WOW! Thank you for sharing. On the one hand, I'm sad I don't live close enough to hit the vault. On the other hand, I'm glad I don't live close enough to hit the vault. My bank account needs to be refilled, and it wouldn't if I was there.
Thank you so much, newberry, for the report and the wonderful photos. Those free form whites with the gold overtones are simply WOW.