Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

I do have to agree with SurfnSci...GORGEOUS looks!
Natural white Hanadama rope with disco ball clasp from PP (i.e. my best pearls, thanks Jeremy). South Sea and keshi tin-cup from Kojima. Mom's South Sea huggie drop earrings. Mom only wore them for fancy occasions. I wear them with casual clothing.


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I can't get over the tiny Tahitians! That's one of the rarest Tahitian strands in the world!
Well, I like the sounds of that!:) I also am really honored to know Alex personally. It makes the pearls that much more special. Here’s my little grouping of the pieces I was able to put together- three strands and two bracelets. I made a third bracelet out of the teeniest pearls, but it is not in the group photo.
Tiny Tahitian 5-7mm bracelets and strands with pearls from Collin’s Pearls-

Third bracelet made with some of the teeniest pearls-
Thanks everyone! The seventhsphinx, that strand has the most unique coloring. I hope you find one! BWeaves, thanks for the info on your Mikimoto huggies. My friends want me to go to Japan with them next year. We would spend some time in Tokyo, then head north, but I asked about maybe going to Mikimoto Island, so they might be willing to take a detour south for a few days. (I have such nice friends!) I don’t want to spend the $$$ for Mikimoto, but some earrings would be a nice momento.

One more new piece from Collin’s Pearls. A pair of blue Tahitan studs to go with the blue Tahitian necklace. A back story… Alex had sent a pair of blue studs in the fall. FedEx sent them on a tour zigzagging around the country. It landed within an hour of me, then went missing. How disappointing! I feel so lucky he was able to put one more pair together from the most recent harvest! Wearing the blue Tahitian studs with the necklace, and two more strands of mixed tiny Tahitians-
Dear pearl friends, so many many AMAZING pearls and looks to admire!!! I have been lurking around this past month, busy busy times but I have been wearing pearls almost daily and gasping looking at so many beautiful pictures you all post! I will do a ”post and run” shortly just a quick WOW to @jeg ‘s Collins beauties, USER=62380]@BWeaves[/USER] new ombre!!!! @SurfnSci ‘s lovely tropical honeymoon pics and @Charlotta ‘s gorgeous creations (pearly and non pearly ones as well).

Soo as jeg already mentioned, I bought the Takahashi net pendant and oh I am so so overjoyed with their design! I wanted it for my SSP drop but well it looks best with a roundish pearl and I simply love with with this 12mm green T beauty from Julia of Etsy’s OceanRhyme...So difficukt to atke a decent picture of it though, extra kudos do @jeg for her great photography skills!

I also had some white baroque akoyas in my Takahashi package so I managed to tick off my casual white-silver-blue ombre necklace dream... I made an extender for it so it works well as a 18 and 22inch necklace...and also pairs nicely with my other baroque akoyas when I feel like going a bit overboard...

Wishing you all wonderful summer!!!
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Wonderful pearls @eolian pearls. Lovely ombre akoya strand. I played with akoyas as well today, mostly vintage ones as I made a Wave Delight strand. I will post it soon but the photos was too warmtoned
Wowza, @BWeaves! Gorgeous pearls (that hanadama rope!!!), and I especially love your special south sea huggies from your mom.

@eolian pearls AHHHH, your ombre akoya necklace is fantastic!!! You did an amazing job with the subtle color gradient, which is not easy, and it looks great paired with your other akoya strands! The Takahashi basket/net pendant is such a pretty design, and the green T you chose for it is lovely.

@jeg, I literally get a couple heart palpitations every time I see your Tiny Collin Ts. You have an amazing, one-of-a-kind collection :love:. That tiniest little T in your action shot is so pretty *and* adorable (not a word I typically use to describe pearls, haha)
Ooh Jeg those new Blue earrings are glorious ... and the tinies of course :)

Eolian what a delightfully cool summer blue/white/silver project; just lovely ... and YES to the extra on occasion ;)
Thank you, Charlotta, eolian, SurfnSci and CathyKeshi!! So happy to see you having some time to post, eolian! And oh my, your blue baroque Akoya are so fantastic. I love ALL the strands combined, and you really did wonderful work with your ombré. SurfnSci, oh the SOC! What an easy piece to wear and the colors so soft and gorgeous. Both of you really have an eye for online pearl shopping.

All things I put together- A strand of small baroque Akoya, a subtle mixed strand of light golden SS, and SS and Listwanite earrings.
Oh, you know I can't pick favorites, but I am drooling over that little net pendant thing, and that ombre' necklace.
Thank you so much Jeremy, Cathy and Jeg!!! @jeg, your akoyas are lovely and oh my goodness, those goldens are spectacular!!! Gorgeous earrings, too!
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Thank you @jeg @Charlotta2.0 @CathyKeshi @SurfnSci @BWeaves !!!

I am so happy with the net pendant! Truly a dream come true! and the ombre was a lucky guess when looking at two different strands from two different sellers... Haha @jeg I feel like online pearl shopping is my superpower ;-))) And absolutely I feel like @SurfnSci has that too! I wish wish for in person pearl shopping but in the meantime...

I also wish for wirewrapping skills, I love all your creations @jeg and @SurfnSci ! That SoC tincup is totally dreamy and Litswanite SSP earrings are simply gorgeous!

When one lacks wirewrapoing skills one tries other here goes my version of “leftowver pearls“ plus a redo of a shorter necklace I hardly wore. Pearls are mostly from Druzy, more colorful IRL.