Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Love JEG's new earrings. Love SurfnSci's random tin-cup. And I always love Bunny and Traveling pearl.

Today I'm wearing a keshi strand from Kojima, and reborn pearl necklace and earrings from a jeweler in Mt. Dora who's not there anymore. Also wearing lots of linen.


Thank you guys!

@jeg you have been missed!!! And of course you reappear with some new gorgeous pearls!!! Your new earrings are absolutely perfect!!! The petals the big SSP and the tiny akoyas(?)...Stunning!

@SurfnSci Wow! Very special colors and another amazing tin cup creation!!! Lovely!!!

@BWeaves Linen and beautiful pearls such a perfect summer combination!

Another summer look for me, don’t you just love it when the top fits perfectly with the pearls you want to wear? ;-) The lariat necklace is from Simply Adorned and the studs are from Tehotumana ( Etsy).
Loving to catch up on ALL OF YOUR STUNNING Beauts! :love:
Wishing you all a blessed weekend and that the Heat subsides...and that pearls will bring us all a splash of Coolness too!
I liked the Mikimoto huggie earring so much that I bought it in both white gold and yellow gold. The white gold has very white pearls, while the yellow gold has pinked pearls. The pearls are about 6 mm. These are great travel earrings, because the back is very secure and comfortable to sleep on if I nod off while traveling. The earrings are also not likely to come flying off if I put on or take off my mask and the ear strap gets caught on the earring. The lever back is very robust.

Haven't posted in a while....still wearing pearls, just forgetting to take pics. Kanaloa came with me to see my hip doctor. Everything is looking good. I'll go back in 9 months & hopefully will be released. Accented Kanaloa with diamond/ pearl drop earrings, 2 South Sea bracelets & Aurore South Sea ring. It's hot & humid in Ga right now.


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Thanks so much everyone! SurfnSci, I love what you’ve done with those Tahitians! The scatter tin cup really shows off those unusual colors. Very pretty looks, BWeaves! Your white pearls always look so fresh on you. Eolian, it’s a perfect fit! The whole outfit works perfectly. So glad to see you and Kanaloa back, 86C. Kanaloa is such a statement piece!

Wearing a fun necklace from Kojima. Boke pearls (otherwise known as ‘less than perfect’ :LOL:) with puka shells. I had Sarah shorten it and a pendant made with one of the extra pearls. Worn with a seashell necklace from Hawaii.
Thank you so much, CathyKeshi, BWeaves, Eolian and Jeg!

@eolian pearls Amazing summer looks!!! Your Tahitian lariat is so colorful and lustrous! And your net pendant is just gorgeous. I love that setting (? or it is a finding?). Your bracelet stack looks fabulous.
@BWeaves Your pendant is stunning and what fantastic huggies!
@jeg I love your look so much - perfect Kojima pearl pairing with that fantastic summer-y dress!
@86Corvettegirl I agree, Kanaloa is a glorious pearl piece, wow!

Continuing my tincup theme, haha. SoC keshi necklace (pearls from Druzy) and a Tahitian pendant (from PP) for me today.
It is miserably hot & humid here in Georgia so today is minimal jewelry. Wearing a floating SS pearl necklace I had my jeweler make for me with an existing pearl I had. I wanted the endcaps so the pearl wouldn't wear & a snake chain. Pairing it with Autore drop SS earrings & ring.


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Pretty pairing, 86C! I’m fortunate we don’t get humid weather here. I don’t think I’d be able to take it. :confused:

Wearing a strand of large Tahitian keshi from Cees, with a bracelet and earrings I made with Tahitian keshi, and tiny Akoya keshi on the earrings.
Oh my oh my, always so beautiful, so stylish and such individuality.
Thank you for all your wonderful pearly posts everyone.