Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Love ALL THE NEW Pearl Jewelry...and tomorrow we have Father's I will wish all the Dads in your Lives a Great Day of Love & Celebration!
You are welcome, Charlotta! Those characters are just soooo cute! Thank you, SurfnSci, BWeaves and Douglas! I hope you had the best Father’s Day ever, Douglas!

I have eolian pearls to thank for this post. She alerted me to these custom nets that Takahashi is able to create. I have to admit, I haven’t always been enamored with the basket and net looks I have seen, but this design is much more streamlined and unfussy, and having the pendant bail makes it versatile. I had thought about an enhancer bail, but couldn’t decide if the size they could do would be larger than I wanted. I like it best with a 12-13mm pearl, keeping it more dainty. I had completely forgotten about this undrilled Tahitian I had put away in my safe. It was from one of my first Ruckuses and came from Jeremy’s drawer. He pulled it out to see what was so special about this pearl, and when he rolled it around on the table, it was an “Oh yes, it has a purple halo” that you can see surrounding it in all directions. It’s very round and very dark. The earrings are another story… I bought these right off Sarah’s (Kojima) ears. I can only describe them as color shifting Tahitians. They are green, with intense pink and purple overtones and luster that show differently as you move the pearl. And the bracelets I put together with collected pearls. I have had the net for quite a while, but I was hoping eolian would be able to post her’s first. Her long delivery time and busy summer I’m sure has not been conducive, so I am apologetically jumping in.

I was holding the chain up with my hand and inadvertently captured it in the pearls, but it does show the luster.

The little gold bead slides up and down the chain securing the pearl. Tahitian pearl from Jeremy’s drawer, and Myanmar pearl from Druzy.
Wow! Love those chain-pendants! Those pearls are quite a find and they look lovely in that setting.
OOOO JEG. I love that chain basket. And those Tahitian stud glow. I know what you mean about buying pearls off Sarah (Kojima) body. That's how I got the Everything Bagel rope. I pretty much grabbed it off her neck and said, "Mine!"
That is a really gorgeous and unusual design, Jeg! Love the color-shifting T earrings, too, and the Myanmar pearl, wowza.
A gorgeous 9mm Blue Green Tahitian. An absolutely beautiful, delicate pair of 11.25mm pale gold Indonesian Tear drops. And an exquisite pair of perfectly shaped Indonesian pale yellow [light golden] 11.8mm tear drops. The color of these pale-yellow pearls is fit for royalty. So beautiful. They looked like the finest silk. They are authentic sea pearls. Purchased through reputable sea pearl dealers who have been in business for many, many years.
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20220611_143254 (2).jpg
20220319_062939 (2).jpg
I've been wearing pearls every day, but I haven't posted in a while.

Feather pearl earrings with little sparkly zircons in the fishhooks, from Kojima. Two ombre' tin-cups from Kojima. The shorter one with the pendant is Tahitians and they are light green in front to dark green behind my neck. The longer strand circles around through a rainbow of different colors. I must admit that seeing everyone's pearls on Pearl Guide has helped me mix and match my necklaces. Pearls I never thought would look good together, DO!

I've decided what I really love about tin-cups.

1. They are lighter weight on my neck than a full strand of pearls.

2. They really show off the pearls.

3. Living in hot, sweaty Florida, the tin-cups are easy to wash and dry. I don't have to worry about the knots getting wet or dirty.

4. I never have to restring them.
Thanks everyone!

Those are very beautiful pearls, Anna Reyne! Do you plan to use the pairs in earrings?

BWeaves, I put together a simple tin cup last week for your very reasons. Although this one isn’t to show each pearl. I went through my supplies and grabbed a few pearls to use that looked decent. This tin cup is for wearing through the summer and on vacation where I will not worry about it getting sweaty or ruined. The studs are much nicer- they are from Kamoka.
@BWeaves Those are gorgeous Kojima tincups, and I especially love the lariat version! And @jeg your new creation is lovely and looks amazing with those fantastic Kamoka studs - fantastic touch with the tiny keshis at the clasp... I agree about all the tincup perks (and I also like that it's a great way to wear pearls that are hard to come by, or would be cost prohibitive for me if purchased as a full strand :sneaky:)
JEG: Love your tin-cup. I can't believe you just said, "Oh, these old random pearls I had laying around the house. I just whipped up a necklace." It's gorgeous.

And speaking of gorgeous. Here's my birthday present to myself. My birthday isn't for a few weeks yet, but Sarah at Kojima has been looking out for me. There was an long ombre' tin-cup on the Kojima website right before Tuscon, and I missed out on it. So Sarah said she was working on another one. I saw it in the photos someone posted from Pearls By The Bay, and I asked if anyone had snapped it up. Nobody had. It's MINE.

It's 44" long, and the pearls are HUGE. And because it has no clasp, I can wear any of the colors in front and it completely changes the look of the necklace. Plus, it's long enough to easily double.



I know I said I liked tin-cups because there were lightweight, but this new necklace is heavy. I really wasn't expecting the pearls to be so big. But they are sooooo shiny and lustrous.